1A 5:30 Literacy Sponsor

  1. holly m tellez 1 year ago

    I was 12 when I first started Taekwondo, I remember walking into the little studio and starting off with a private lesson from Master Tony. He was a short, muscular, Korean man with a mustache and a thick accent. He reassured me that all students have to start at the beginning. I was taught how to stretch, kick and punch, and how to form a fist and punch a bag without breaking my hands. I learned from Master Tony how to tie my belt. To this day I still remember how the gym smelled and the feet of the mat under my bear feet.

  2. Matt Dowser 1 year ago

    My literary sponsor was and is my dad. Learning how to be an adult has probably been the biggest challenge of my life. After getting a job in the kitchen at Chick Fil A, I assumed all my expenses and realized my life was about to change, and I was going to have to grow up into adulthood. All the things I had never noticed before, things such as gas, insurance, food, clothing, and going out with friends became very noticeable as I had to start managing my money well in order for me to pay my bills and still have fun. Although my Dad didn’t directly teach me about being frugal with my money, I learned by watching him, and the way he budgets and the way he spends. Often times he would give me advice on financial situations, such as credit cards, bank accounts, saving money, and expenses. This led to me consistently getting better at finances and now I am learning and growing with managing my earnings, which will be a crucial skill in my life from now until I die.

  3. Nickolas Ayala 1 year ago

    Starting a job at In-N-Out was very stressful because it is very fast pace and I really hate having pressure on me, but having pressure on you is only going to make you better. I was struggling on working fries for weeks until a sponsor came along and helped me. That sponsor is of my managers Connor, he is a very outgoing and hardworking leader and taught many things such as being efficient, having quality, and most important of all, having confidence. After a couple weeks of practicing his certain techniques he taught me I became the best fry guy at my store and I always thank him for teaching me lessons, not only in working fries but having confidence in other hardships in life.

  4. Brianna Brown 1 year ago

    My Inspiration
    Growing up for every child to some point is hard. The different points you come across and the changes that are being made are sometimes hard to cope with. Growing up my parents always taught me to be a leader and be smart about my choices because they always effect your future. It wasn’t till my freshman year of High School till I realized that was true. I made a mistake and it was something that deeply affected me at that time. Going through this tough process there was one person that inspired me to change my life and that was one of my peers Kayla. Kayla is a special ed student who attended the same high school as I did. She became my only real friend and that’s when I knew that helping out with these kids would not only change their life but mine as well.

  5. Stephanie Vargas 1 year ago

    When it comes to how I learned how to draw, my literacy sponsor was the internet. I would always see really fascinating pictures on the computer and I really wanted to have that picture up in my room, but we didn’t have a printer, so I had to draw them myself. I would look up step by step pictures so I could know where to start from and how to progress from there. Then eventually I started getting into a bit more complex pictures and I couldn’t understand the pictures anymore, so I moved on to YouTube. I felt like YouTube helped the most because they were more detailed and helped me understand the shapes, the skeletons, the angles, and more complex features of my new subject.

  6. Gabriel De Leon 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsor is my cousin, I started to go to the gym with him at Retro Fitness. He pretty much taught me how to work out properly, he showed me how to have good form during exercises and he also taught me how to choose what I should eat in order to have good nutrition. He basically helped me to live a healthier lifestyle, because I started to go to the gym every day and it started to become a habit and now I pretty much never miss a day of going to the gym

  7. Matt Jin 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsors are my parents. My mom and dad were very adamant on me finding a job so that I would have experience in the work field before I graduated high school. My dad has worked hard for everything in his life and has had to struggle for everything that we have right now. He would tell me to get a job so that when time came to hire me for other jobs later on in life the management would choose me over someone with no work experience. My mom is a sponsor for me to find a job and to raise money to be able to realize what it is I want to do once I have the means. She said not to wait to work and that working small day jobs now will prevent me from having to work them later on in life like she had to do. I have a steady job and good work ethics today thanks to both of my parents pushing me to find a job when I was fifteen years old.

  8. Natalie 1 year ago

    I learned how to become a good older sibling from reading, watching television shows, and from my parents. I remember reading stories from the Bearstein bears, with brother bear and sister bear and seeing the illustrations in the books of them sharing, playing together, and comforting each other. I use to watch Cauillou on T.V also and watched him interact with his younger sibling Rosey. My parents would discipline me when I refused to share with my brother and sister or punish me for fighting with them. I carry these lessons still with me every day I’m with them and pass it on them so they become better siblings as well.

  9. Karen B 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsor was a swimming coach who taught me how to swim. I was afraid to get in the water without any floating’s and after a month a was swimming in the deep. At first, I thought if I let go I was going to die, but that was not the case. Becoming a great swimmer at the age of 8 made me feel like I can do anything in the world. Learning new techniques made me feel even more proud of myself.

  10. Melody Estay 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsors were my mom and my coach Mike. At home I always jumped around and pretended to be a cheerleader and my mom eventually started taking it more serious and she would teach me little chants and then signed me up for my first team. My head coach was coach Mike and he was who taught tumbling and jumps. After working with him was when I really began enjoying cheer leading.

  11. Mariah Minera 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsors are my mother and father. I choose my mother and father because they helped me get the hang of “adulating”. My parents have always been there to teach me right from wrong or how to do certain things. When I moved out I was lost how do they remember when to pay bills, there’s so many of them. How do you know how long to cook something or what temperature? My mother is my go to for cooking and cleaning questions. She is always there when I need her, she’s just a phone call away I ask how long do I cook this or how do I get out the stain in my carpet. She’s taught me a majority of what I know today not book smart knowledge but general life knowledge. I also choose my dad as my literacy sponsor because he is my go to for bills and anything money related. I go to my dad for these questions because he’s come a long way since I was young we were not well off and I have learned though out the years just by watching what he does how he saves money. How he got to where he is today, well off with a savings.

  12. Gabriel Mendez 1 year ago

    My sponsor for learning how to use Photoshop was my TV production teacher. He is a tall Latin American man who has a huge passion for the Art of TV. He is a very kind hearted man and is also very outgoing person who is always in a great mood. He’s very social and also has a great sense of humor. He taught the basics how to use the tools in Photoshop properly what each tool did and any other questions I had. He would make me practice every week and quiz me to see if I would remember. He also guided me through when I made my first graphic. He taught me much more throughout life and also gave me a new hobby and for that I thank him.

  13. jchiquito 1 year ago

    My mother was my biggest mentor/ teacher. She taught me how to work hard and be a responsible adult. She took me to the mall to gather job applications. She showed me how
    To fill out the applications. I landed my first job at Yogurt Palace in the Montclair Mall. I was only 14 years old. Minimum wage back then was $3.25. When I received my first paycheck my mom drove me to the bank and showed me how to fill out an application to open a savings and checking account. She also showed me how to balance my checkbook. She said “Every time you write a check, you subtract the amount of the check from your account balance. She also said “always save some money from your paycheck”.

  14. Jamie Snyder 1 year ago

    The people that come to mind first for me that I would call a sponsor are family friends of mine, James and cricket. James and his wife cricket were friends with my parents. We all hung out a lot growing up. Went camping together, had bbq’s, celebrated birthdays and holidays together. The day my dad died our relationship changed dramatically. I was 22 trying to go back to school to make something of myself. Then my foundation fell apart.

  15. ShGula 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsors are my instructor and my husband. My instructor was the one who taught me how to drive a car. After he showed me some basic things of a car, then he started explaining me how to turn on the car, when to start, to not forget to check the mirrors, he also learned me the sign that are in streets. However, after a couple of weeks practicing it I got my driving license back in my country, Kosovo. I didn’t drive for a year there, then I came here to the United States, streets here were different from my country. I had forgotten some things about how to drive a car, so my husband had to learn me almost everything from the beginning in order to get my driving license for the first time.

  16. Guadalupe Rodriguez 1 year ago

    My dad is my literacy sponsor because he taught me how to value myself. My sophomore year I had made it to the varsity soccer team but sadly when I started playing I had to stop due to the fact that I was diagnosed with a heart condition. My dad was there through it all. He would tell me things were going to be okay but I was stubborn and thought the most negative things little did I know I started to value life and look at myself different.

  17. kyon clark 1 year ago

    Ever since I was little football has been my number 1 priority, and I always valued the game. Although I loved the game I really did not know anything about it at a young age, so I would look for people to teach me and nobody would. My brother being only a year older than me I did not expect to be able to teach me how to play the sport he and I loved. However it turns out I was completely wrong, he is the reason I am as good as I am today.

  18. Mayra 1 year ago

    Responsibility and self-sufficiency can be taught by ourselves but in our earlier years it’s best when it is showed to us by an adult. Most commonly life lessons and things of this sort when we are young and not able to comprehend most things are simplified by our parents. In my case, they’ve been taught to me by my mom. My mom has been my most important teacher and the one whom has tackled this job longer than anyone. She has shown me many things others could not and has taught me what it is like to take responsibility and earn your own things. Without her slight push into the starting line of many situations I would have not have experienced as many things as I have. Experiences lead to life lessons and in this among many other ways is how my mom has been my primary literacy sponsor.

  19. Dyoc 1 year ago

    My literacy sponsor would be my Manager, not only did she give me the opportunity to work for her without any experience in the field that I am currently working in, but also took me under her wing and taught me a great deal of strategies on how to be effective negotiator. At first I will admit I was not a very effective negotiator, the main lesson that I learned from my manager was in order to become a effective negotiator was to listen and acknowledge the other persons point of view and then persuade and sell the benefits to get what I needed from the other person.

  20. Acruz3 1 year ago

    Ever since I was younger I always wanted to cook. I started watching shows on television about how to cook and what they would cook. I feel in love with the idea of making art with food. I guess you can say the people on the television were my sponsor but I also have to give credit to my mother. During my early teens I started watching her cook and eventually picked up and started cooking on my own. Even though I knew how to cook, I wasn’t as good as she was and I would ask her for help. She taught me what I know today.

  21. Steven Russell 1 year ago

    I can honestly say in my life I have had many literacy sponsors. They all range from different people in my life who I share different relationships with, from family, friends, and even some foes. One of the people that I can say helped me out the most I would have to say my mother. She was always my rock, no matter how bad the situation had been she was always there to provide to best knowledge and teachings of her capability. There was no situation that was too big nor too small for here to help guide me through. One thing I can say about my mother is that she will help you by making you help yourself. I was raised to believe in assistance not completing a task for someone. If you complete someone elses task that person will never learn anything from that specific situation. My mother has taught me so much about myself ranging from inner strength, responsibility, to compassion for your fellow man, and more. As a young man I had to work through my own personal insecurities that I was to ashamed to else to a untrustworthy person. A that time it felt as if that was the only person I could be honest with, and by being honest with her I was beginning to be hons with myself.

  22. Ana Vega 1 year ago

    My literary sponsor is hard to decipher because I’ve had many people who have impacted my life in a positive way. Yet if I had to pick one, it would be my parents. My parents are my literary sponsor because they have taught me so many life lessons and have been there for me and loved me unconditionally for my whole life.

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