1A Report Purpose and Topic

Quick Write

What topics do you care about? What are you considering writing about? Come up with a few topics to choose from. 

Chapter 2 Reports

Focus on exploring purpose and topic. p. 47 

The purpose of the next assignment is to present information. Basically, present the research you do on a topic of your choice. The topic and type of report is completely up to you.

Reports can be as different as a news report and an infographic

What we need to do now is decide on the your purpose, topic, and genre. 

Then we can identify the subgenre of report. Is it an expository essay, psychology term paper, lab report, journal article, or like Grossman, is it a newspaper feature article? 

Each type of report will have different conventions. You will develop the research question, thesis statement, audience, structure, format, style and design, and include images or infographics. We will work together to help develop these conventions.  

You must use five sources, three academic. You can also use websites, interviews, documentaries, something else? 


Report Format

The report can be in any style of format that you think best suits it. Here is a list of choices:

  • Essay Report 1,000 words
  • PowerPoint slide 8+ slides
  • Infographic
  • News Report 1-2 min Video
  • Breaking News Video 1-2 min Video
  • Wikipedia style page 1,000+ words
  • Featured Article in Newspaper 1,000+ words

What is Academic Writing?

Slideshare Summary of What is Academic Writing?


Smart Searching

Academic Research may be new to you, but don’t worry. Just like everything else, it is something that you have to learn and that gets easier the more you do it. Here are some tips for smart searching. 

  1. Begin by searching using keywords and subject headings. What keywords best describe your idea?
  2. Refine your search using Boolean operators; AND, OR, NOT
  3. Limit your search by subject area, date, genre, full text, peer review, scholarly, or popular. 
  4. Use the Library database, Google Scholar, Google News, books. 

Great Resource from Indiana University for Handouts and Worksheets to help you with your research.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://www.professorramos.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/research-worksheet.pdf” title=”research worksheet”]

Annotating Texts

This is especially important for this assignment. You will have to navigate multiple research articles and sources. Annotating them and keeping track will be necessary. 

Quick Write

What topic have you decided on? What type of report are you going to write?


  1. Develop a list of research questions. 
  2. Read “Ten Ways to Think About Writing” Journal
  3. Read Chapter 42, Summarizing Sources
  4. Read Chapter 43, Paraphrasing Sources
  5. Read Chapter 45, Documenting Sources
  1. Elisabet Vasquez 5 months ago

    Im interested in writing about immigration and scoliosis issues, those 2 subjects are relatable to me.

  2. Jesse Mota 5 months ago

    Topics I care about is animal testing. Animal testing is something is talked about a lot. For example, makeup is something big on animal testing also on medical procedures. What I am considering on writing about is on how animal testing is decreasing the numbers of the species.Animal Testing, animal slaughter are two main topics i plan to choose from. Also, keeping animals locked in zoos or aquariums when they should not be kept in little spaces.

  3. Bryce Sternquist 5 months ago

    The topic I will be writting will be on cryptocurrency, and where it stands for our future. The type of report that Im going to write is still undecided, but I’m leaning more towards a power point, if not traditional.

  4. Matthew Williams 5 months ago

    What topics do you care about?
    The topics I care are Medicine, becoming a physician, hip-hop, football (not american), NCAA scholarships, scholarships, medical school, technology.

    What are you considering writing about?
    I am considering talking about why people should pursue a STEM career, I am also considering writing about how hip-hop does not negatively affect communities. I am also considering writing about how the NCAA scholarships are not a good thing. Or I may write about why the football transfer market is spending so much money.

    What topic have you decided on?
    I am going to write either about pursuing STEM careers or about NCAA sports scholarships.

    What type of report are you going to write?
    I am either going to do a traditional essay or a power point.

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