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Quick Write

Take a couple of minutes and write about one sponsor of literacy that you have had.

Sponsors of Literacy – Brandt

How does Brandt define a sponsor of literacy?

Why is literacy a complex issue according to Brandt?

How do you benefit from the literacy?

How do they benefit from the literacy?

Why did we read this article?

Critical Thinking and Texas

Here is an article talking about Texas and how they oppose critical thinking. 

Half True

Free Write

Comment below with the narrative you just told your partner about your sponsor of literacy.


  1. Samantha Archuleta 6 months ago

    A sponsor that has really influenced myself was during basic training for the military. My Drill Sergeant, SFC Garrison, was very influential by always leading by example and taught that discipline and patience can get you far in life. SFC Garrison would do things different than any other Drill in our company, which caused conflict between him and the others but he didn’t care. He was hard on our platoon and disciplined us using physical fitness obviously, but also would pull us aside and discuss better and more efficient ways to handle certain situations. These skills he embroidered into our minds will stick with me for the rest of my life.

  2. Emmanuel Guerra 6 months ago

    A sponsor of literacy that was an impact in my life was a student I met in Chaffey College that has help me not just a partner in being a student, but a mentor as well. She has helped me succeed in life so far and Mayra has been a great woman in my life. She is a passion in my life because we have the connection of same goals in life and same background knowledge we both know in our Hispanic culture. I am not in a relationship with her right now but it is something I would take because of her personality. Mayra has helped me in my studies while taking a business class we both took together and I am glad that I met her. It has been a privilege to get to know her in my life.

  3. Eric J. Spencer 6 months ago

    My first sponsor of literacy has to be my mother. A music major in college she became a high school English, History and Drama teacher. Reading to me, having complex discussions, and encouraging me to question everything. Even as a young child I recognize that she was a true asset/advantage in my life that many did not have. She is the one who allowed me to discover my next big sponsor of literacy. Before the internet, news, facts, and different political ideas were harder to come by. Music as well as spoken word albums from people such as Jello Biafra vastly expanded my literacy. Punk-rock, hip-hop, and Reggae music helped shape my political understanding of the world at a young age.

  4. Joseph Martinez 6 months ago

    Joseph Martinez
    Professor Ramos
    Engl 1A
    18 January 2018

    Sponsor of Literacy

    It’s been a little over two years since I attended UCR. I was enrolled in the interior design program. At the time it was my passion. She was my second instructor that I had. She taught me color theory, perspective drawing, and general building layouts. Her name is Roberta. She believed in me. Even when I had doubts she kept pushing me. She would tell me to go to Melrose and visit the design show rooms. She wanted me to immerse myself in the environment so I would feel comforatable.

  5. Kyle Loc 6 months ago

    My sponsor is an old supervisor I had back when I was still enlisted in the military. His name is Technical Sergeant Nick Pieller. Not only did he teach me how to write a correct email, he taught me some advice that helped me survive through the military. Funny story, I sent my first sergeant an informal email when I had arrived at my first duty station. It was an email about scheduling some appointments for in processing. My first sergeant came to our office and introduced himself to me. Thank the lord he was a nice guy. Anyone else would have reamed me for sending them that email. Sergeant Pieller overheard our conversation and came to save the day. After that day, I knew how to write and send a correct formal email.

  6. Miriam Ramirez 6 months ago

    I’ve had many sponsors of literacy throughout my life that inspired me, I would say that my dad teaching me how to play the saxophone really impacted me the most. Since he knows how to play the saxophone himself, I took advantage of it and make him teach me. He was like my very own music teacher that I never had, it’s pretty cool to have a parent who knows how to play an instrument.

  7. Samuel Acosta 6 months ago

    As a young boy I have memories of my dad always fixing and taking things apart. Things that to me at the time seemed impossible, so right away my dad sparked curiosity inside of my brain to know how things work and how things function. Seeing him work in many trades like tile, cement, electric, plumbing and even automotive work so easily was regular to me. But as time went on I realized not many know how to do even two of these things. So i went sticking to my dad which in turn started to satisfy my curiosity with problem solving skills and learning to work with my hands at the least. Now I can at least attempt to do most things by myself not as skilled as my father but definitely knowledgeable because of my upbringing with him and what he knew.

  8. Natalia Pimentel 6 months ago

    A sponser that has helped me shape my life would be my mom. My mom has taught me many things throughout life even before starting school. She has taught me what is wrong and what is right. She gave me morals, taught me how to take care of myself, how to express myself, and how to defend myself. When i had an obstacle in my life she guided me to right path. She made me want to sucessed in life.

  9. Abraham Hernandez 6 months ago

    In high school when I thought I was too good for school, I had this math teacher that made me realize that I wasn’t the hot shit. I was failing math at the time and I didn’t understand how basic algebra worked. He held after school math sessions for kids that needed help, and he asked me to stay for one and so I did. The way he taught math made it seem like he was cracking the Da Vinci code and some how it made sense. I guess I would say he unlocked my inner potential with math. After one problem I would go on to the next and then the next, and so on! The way he taught math influenced me so much that I’ve based my major around it.

  10. Bryce Sternquist 6 months ago

    Quick Write:
    My best sponsor of literacy would have to be my Brother In-Law. He taught me about money managing. About three years ago I went into business with him. He’s been in financial services for over 15 years. Since then I was taught how to budget, save, and invest money. I have been educating myself ever since, to where I have learned now how to roll individuals retirement or savings accounts into other accounts suitable for their financial needs.

  11. Violet Biang 6 months ago

    I enjoyed reading Deborah Brandt’s report called “The Sponsors of Literacy”. She gathered her report at the National Research Center on English Learning & Achievement in 1979.
    The Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA) is a national research and development center that works in multiple universities such as University of Albany, State University of New York, they are also in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additional research is conducted at the Universities of Oklahoma and Washington. She has worked with many people in her life who have helped her become who she is today. Along with the sponsors that have supported her they have in turn benefited.

  12. Violet Biang 6 months ago

    Quick Write:
    One sponsor of literacy in my life is my conductor from high school. I was in a varsity choir for 3 years and my conductor taught me many valuable lessons. One of my favorite lessons was about how important it is to invest in people that you want something from whether that be a relationship, work, or to teach them. My newest sponsor is my teacher of first college class, Professor Ramos I expect him to be my newest sponsor teaching me new things about college level English. I am here through a high school partnership and I’m very excited to learn more about reading and writing.

  13. Irene Parra 6 months ago

    A first sponsor i’ve had was my manager for my first job. I was super nervous to start my first job but my manager helped me get out of my comfort zone and taught me how to do the job. She also introduced me to other managers and new employees by helping out at other stores. Although, my manager left to another store and  i got a new manager. He was the most helpful and motivational manager i’ve had, so i consider him my new sponsor. I started as a sales associate and he wanted to help me grow to become a sales lead. He taught me everything, like keeping up with the companies numbers , the stores numbers, and also my numbers. Once i knew everything and i showed my district manager i was capable of the job my manager promoted me. So while i help my company make money , i get paid as well.

  14. JessicaBoyd 6 months ago

    A sponsor that has impacted my life was my academic probation teacher Professor Hirst. She really taught me to dig deep and start finding myself again. She knew that I got lost along the way growing up and experiencing the things I went through. We had to do a lot of soul searching and writing about the experiences that we endured in our lives. We wrote to ourselves to get everything off of our chests. All of the negative had to be let go in order for us to move forward instead of staying stuck in the past letting those things bring you down and ground you from going anywhere. Without letting those things off of your chest then you are a prisoner to your own mind but, letting go releases you. She was there for any of us to talk to and even still we are able to be in contact with her if we ever need anything. She is that person that so many of us need in our lives. I was able to benefit from it because now I can move forward. She was able to benefit from it because she is able to pay for her children.

  15. In December of 2017, I accomplished the sponsor of literacy with a professional video camera. I had no idea what any of the buttons do on the camera. I quickly went on YouTube and searched up videos on a Panasonic HPX. Easy as that, videos were flooded on the webpage making it easier to know every specific function on the camera. When going out to use the Panasonic HPX I would remember some of the functions, while other times I would draw a blank. I went back to the tutorials numerous times to drill the information in my head. Once I knew the functions on the camera, I wanted a quicker way to do certain functions, so I searched up shortcuts that made the process quicker. For example, when I went out filming with my friends, the storage was getting full on the camera and I would go home going through all the clips not knowing which clip was marked. Gaining the knowledge of the shortcut of marking clips made it so much easier, instead of stressing out not knowing what I was looking for. Repetition was the key for myself to finally understand the literacy of the professional video camera to go out anywhere and know everything quickly/accurately.

  16. Hunter Wetzel 6 months ago

    A sponsor of literacy I have had was one of my high school teachers because that was where I really learned how to properly write different types of essays. Instead, of just writing about a topic. Most teacher’s English teachers I had before her were just there to see if how long my essays were. When I gave an essay to her she would take her time to read and cretic the essay. She taught how to fully develop my ideas on paper to for an essay.

  17. Nic Meneses 6 months ago

    Quick Write

    A recent sponsor of literacy I have had is that I have learned how to make coffee and other beverages at my Starbucks job. At first making these beverages was a very difficult and stressful literacy to learn. It involves a lot of memorizing and quick thinking in order to make the beverages correctly and quickly for the customers. I am about 3 months into the job now and I am way more comfortable making the drinks and a lot more confident while at work.

  18. Brian Campos 6 months ago

    One of my sponsors of literacy I have had is one of the professor’s at this campus, her name is Kimberly George. She was my professor for English-475, she was so amazing to me. At the time that I took her class I was going through difficult times in my life and it reflected on my education. She taught me a lot on how to write my essays and how having a good plan for writing will help me out. She taught how to correctly organize my papers based on my thesis statement and which arguments were my strong ones. She also got me to go to the student success center, I really didn’t want to be when she showed me how many mistakes I did in my essay I forced myself to go. Now writing an essay is easier to me, back then I never wanted to get started on it and now I am always just anxious to begin I’m always thinking about different ideas I could add in.

  19. Tatiana M. Ramirez 6 months ago

    My sponsor of literacy that had a big impact in my life was my sophomore English teacher in high school Mr. Kepler. He was really enthusiastic and was really fun to be around .He would always be joking around and making our lectures fun he would also make us read for 10 minutes different kinds of reading trying to make us explore different types of reading. I had told him that I hated reading and that I was never going to like to read and he told me by the end of the year I was going to love read. By him giving us different kinds of book to read I ended up liking to read and now my favorites books are romance and drama books.

  20. Jesse Mota 6 months ago

    My sponsor is my anatomy teacher Mrs. Franco. I had her my sophomore year, I was the only sophomore in that senior class. I thought I wasn’t ready so I dropped the class and took another science. I tried again my senior year and she told me she remembered me and asked why I left. She then told me that I was her star pupil. She knows I will become the surgeon I strive to be.

  21. Gregory Austin 6 months ago

    A sponsor of literacy that has had a big impact on me would have to be my uncle. For a few years we lived with my aunt and uncle while our house was getting worked on. During that time, I would help him around his house and do several odd jobs, most of which I had no experience with doing. I learned things like changing the oil on a car, trimming palm trees, helping him tarp and cover his trailer, and bathing his dogs. Looking back I feel that the time I spent helping my uncle began to build my work ethic, my enjoyment of fixing things, and my want to learn how to do more difficult tasks.

  22. Samantha Montoya 6 months ago

    One sponsor of literacy I’ve had in my life is my step-dad, Joe. I’m 24 now but, I’ve known him since I was 15. That’s when he and my mother got together. He’s a carpenter in the carpenters union and since I’ve known him he’s always been a pretty wise guy. Not in the funny sense but actually wise. One of the many things I’ve learned from him is how to manage my money better for myself and my future. He’s always been pretty good at budgeting and managing his own money that I’ve observed and picked up certain ways of doing it myself.

  23. Jaslene Canlas 6 months ago

    My sponsor of literacy is my aunt and uncle. They helped me to do basic things such as cooking, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and other responsibilities. I didn’t have that skill when I was living with my mom because she never taught me how to do these things. Now I’m able to cook my own food and be able to do my own laundry and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen the right away. They helped me to become independent and prepare me when I need to live on my own.

  24. Brianna Esquivel 6 months ago

    One sponsor of literacy that taught me so much was my club coach Martin Maguire. He was my first and only club coach that I had for seven years. He is from England so he was very knowledgeable about soccer. He taught me so much about myself as well as the game. He taught me to lead a team by example, my coach would tell me that my ability on the ball and knowledge of the game would have the girls around me give me the respect I earned and deserved. Now moving to college I had to deal with coaches that I don’t always agree with but knowing the things I had learned from him has gave me the confidence in myself to know what I was doing was the right thing to do and still continued to push myself to be the best I could possibly be.

  25. Jeff Marschalk 6 months ago

    My first literacy sponsor was Coach Brian Chavez. He was the first person who taught me who to play football in high school. He also taught me how to balance school with athletics. Also, he taught me how to be mentally tough when it comes to difficult things that occur not only on the field but in your personal life as well. He taught me how to make sure i have my time managed well so I could keep getting good grades. He was always there to push me to keep getting better whether it was in the weight room, on the field, or in the classroom.

  26. Celeste Garcia 6 months ago

    My sponsor was my best friend Ryan. He is my best friend and has been for the last 4 years. It’s funny though, I met him at my first job because he was my trainer and ever since then he just stuck around. Ever since then though he’s been my rock. An example of how great of a sponsor he is, I tested into Math 25 in my placement test and I am attempting to take it now and from Day one I felt that I couldn’t keep going and he kept and continues to tell me that I can do it because life isn’t about quitting, it’s about trying your hardest and be proud of what you have tried to do whether it be that you succeeded or failed because you knew you tried your hardest.

  27. Brandon Bryant 6 months ago

    One sponsor of literacy that I have had in that past would be Mike Mooney. He is a school teacher that does A/C on the side. He is the one who took me under his wing and taught me how to do air conditioning. Everything from brazing to ducting. He taught me how to strap, to charge, how much to charge. What to and what not to do. This was a win-win situation for the both of us because he taught me a trade that I could use for the rest of my life and get a job for, but I also helped him by talking to him every day. He had just recently lost his wife to cancer, and I had previously lost my father a couple years before. I helped mike through his hard time by counseling him I would talk about how I felt and what I did when my dad had past. I don’t know how much I really helped him but we have a strong connecting now and I feel like he is one of the bigger influences I will have in my life. He also profited from me leering hvac because I could work with him and make him more efficient/effective, so he could earn money. This alos helped me get a job that I can now turn into a career or go back to and default if I ever lose my job.

  28. Paul Chong 6 months ago

    Quick Write:
    One sponsor of literacy that means something to me if my favorite music producer Chase Malone, also known as Cha Cha. Growing up, I’ve been one of the only family members born in the US and the only one least proficient in speaking Korean. Chase grew up in Seattle, Washington and became interested in b-boy and music production. One of his old b-boy crew members, Jay Park, is a famous Korean hip-hop, R&B artist. Chase asked him if he was interested in his works and after collaborating, Chase has gained recognition as a phenomenal music producer in Korea. His basis is primarily in Korea so he decided to settle there. The problem was that, like me, he only knew some phrases and words but could not comprehend the language completely. He posted on Instagram a few years ago a collection of Korean language learning books that helped him learn Korean. As a result this encouraged me to buy the same products and in turn allowed me to increase my proficiency ten-fold.

    My literary sponsor is my favorite producer Chase Malone. Every single member of my family was born in Korea. Except me. Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in southern California, I grew too accustomed to just going with the flow in school and forgetting about speaking Korean. Since I was a baby and until I reached the age of 6, I was proficient in Korean to such an extent that I could write a small book. Since Kindergarten up until Junior year of High School, I lost all memory of how to write and speak it proficiently and was only able to understand the language when spoken to. This really ticked me off until Chase, an African-American producer highly recognized in Korea, had to learn Korea since he decided to establish his home and work-place there. This encouraged me because I also bought the books that he used and to this day I am able to speak Korean with ease to my family and friends.

  29. Elisabet Vasquez 6 months ago

    Since i was young i was always by my moms side, when she would cook or clean or run to the market. I always looked up to my mom so everything she would do i was automatically interested in it. She taught me everything i know. She even bought me little brooms and toy pans so i can help her. At that moment i didnt think for one minute that she was teaching me just so ican help her around the house. All i thought was she was sharing something with me that she liked and spending time with me. I was Happy. Now that im older im very organized and responsible, i can make some great dishes also. Even if she was teaching me just so i can help, im very greatful that both me and her benefited from it. And of course most importantly i got to spend some quality time with her.

  30. Matthew Williams 6 months ago

    My literacy sponsor is my mom. From a young age, my mom had always supported me. “VAMOS MATEO! You can do it.” I can always hear her saying those exact words every time. When I write, when I solve a math problem, when I make a new friend, or when I try to eat a large piece of steak. Those words always comforted me. Always. She pushed me to go higher in education; to not just settle for what was the minimum amount of work. At early ages, I never knew what I would want to do as a profession. But my mom, she told me to go into STEM. And because of that, I have not stopped thinking of going into a STEM field. Every time I am feeling down, I just remember those sweet and inspirational words of my mom, “VAMOS MATEO! You can do it.”

  31. Deanna Vega 6 months ago

    My sponsor of literacy is the first doctor I worked with. It was a small clinic for elderly patients. Most patients that would come in would have multiple diagnosis. As a fresh student coming out from Concorde Career College I didn’t know much about what I was doing. This doctor took his time and patience to teach me more than what I should’ve known at the level that I was in. it benefited him because he wasn’t going to have a slow person working for him, rather he was going to have a nurse who was going to know what each patient was going to need and I was going to be able to work faster for him. I benefited from it because now I know how more and have a greater knowledge.

  32. KARLA MENDOZA 6 months ago

    My literacy sponsors was my fifth grade teacher. I had was reading picture books to no picture books. I’m a visual learner and for me to read lots of letters and no pictures was a little hard for me. Growing up I had hard time reading I was lower level than my class. I would be embraced to read out loud making a lot of mistakes and my classmate would know how bad I read. So I decided to rent out a chapter book and it was a challenge. When I open the book I would get frustrate and just stop read no passed the second page. Seeing the book laying there I would feel like I give up easily. And would still struggle in class, the teacher would make us take a test how fast we can read every week. Seeing my result still low and haven’t try to read the chapter I started to blame myself. So I decided to asked my teacher for help and every twice a week I would stay after class and she would help me read the chapter book. And as weeks goes by I would get better results on my reading.

  33. imran amani 6 months ago

    One sponsor of literacy that I have had was my english teacher from highschool of my sophomore year. He actually helped me out with an essay. He went in depth with my essay. I respect him and love his education. He made my freshman teacher look weak. My freshman english teacher had never taught me to do that. He has earned my respect.

  34. Violet Biang 6 months ago

    The Sponsors of Literacy
    I enjoyed reading Deborah Brandt’s report called “The Sponsors of Literacy”. She gathered her report at the National Research Center on English Learning & Achievement in 1979.
    The Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA) is a national research and development center that works in multiple universities such as University of Albany, State University of New York, they are also in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additional research is conducted at the Universities of Oklahoma and Washington. She has worked with many people in her life who have helped her become who she is today. Along with the sponsors that have supported her they have in turn benefited I think it is very important to learn from your sponsors and use them so you can teach others one day in return. I love interacting with people and listening to the new things they tell me. I used to be shy but over the years I have learned the true value of having a sponsor of literacy in your life and how important it is to become a sponsor yourself. Life can get you down and distract you from your full potential. You can take your sponsors advice one of two ways. If you take it positively you can grow from it and help it shape who you are or you can take it negatively and have it hinder your full potential.

  35. Lorena Pascale 6 months ago

    My literacy sponsor of literacy is Larry Lopez. Early in my career, I graduated from a vocational school for Computerized Accounting. Once I graduated, Larry Lopez promoted me into his accounting department. One of my duties was to complete multiple bank reconciliations. One day, I could not find less than $20.0 and went in circles attempting to find it. So I walked into his office and asked if I could just give him $20.00 and call it a day. He told me I had to find it.
    I continued to look for it and FINALLY found it! Come to realize that is was not $20.00 but something bigger. As I continued to grow in my position, he tailed me to become a fine bookkeeper, always keeping me accountable to even the small things, for instance emails, crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s, grammatical errors, tone and professionalism.
    I have believed that to this day, it has elevated me to professional positions that I may have been overlooked for. I am forever grateful to Larry Lopez for him always being a stickler for detail.

  36. Tage Borgeson 6 months ago

    A sponsor of literacy that sticks out to me is my older friend Chadney training me to increase my speed and vertical for basketball. I wanted to quickly give up because of how challenging the workouts were, but I constantly told myself that there’s no progress without struggle. Besides the physical pain, he built a great amount of mental toughness in me too. Every time I didn’t finish the required reps for a specific drill or yelled out “I can’t”, he instantly made me do ten push-ups on the spot. He was very hard on me about being hard on myself which improved my confidence in not just sports, but in my life as a whole. After about two months of consistent training, I was able to dunk a basketball my junior year of high school.

  37. Jacob Cisneros 6 months ago

    Sponsors of Literacy
    My Senior English teacher was my sponsor of literacy because he would make me think harder about certain characters within the stories I read. His appearance was odd because he had a lot of tattoos and had a long beard which was actually pretty cool. His classroom had lots of comic book references and superhero references which made it seem like he would be awesome teacher. He made us think about what a certain character was feeling in a particular moment and how we can relate to the character because the author makes us feel something for each character.

  38. Vicente M 6 months ago

    A sponsor of Literacy I’ve had such an impact from was my 4th grade teacher who helped me through my fourth grade year. Her name was Ms. Trotter, and her teaching method wasn’t ordinary in the sense that her interactions with the class at the time was more than a teacher-student connection. She had a way of teaching that didn’t go well with many students since she often kept held us back from recess because we weren’t done with the lesson or were acting to rowdy. She would often correct any statements we made that contained double negatives or weren’t consisting of proper grammar by immediately stopping and saying, “no double negatives,” firmly but politely. Ms. Trotter made a huge impact on how I view school and added a bit more humility in everyday academic work or discussion. The reason she instantly popped in my head as a sponsor was because she was 6’1” and had such an influential persona throughout school, and life for me at such a young age. Her continuous use of the word “flojo” meant that we had the potential but were screwing around and ignoring the lesson or work at hand. She made a difference by treating me/ the class mature as kids.

  39. Emily Bonsall 6 months ago

    A Sponsor of Literacy I’ve had is my child development teacher. I feel like he really influenced me and made me confident in what I want to do in life. I have had doubts about what I want to do when I am older and taking his class made me excited and eager to become a teacher and working with kids. In his class I have not just learned about children, but I have also learned a lot about myself and I believe it has helped me grow as a person and work on where I need to change.

  40. Lauryn Sanchez 6 months ago

    I would say a sponsor of literacy that I have had before was one of my high school english teachers. My junior year english teacher Mr. Boles had a big influence on me in some ways he made an impact just in my life and also in my english class. Before taking his class my Junior year I would say that I was not very confident in english and after taking his class I found myself to be a lot more comfortable and confident in my english skills.

  41. Chelsey Pinkston 6 months ago

    Within all my years of working I have never been looked at as a leader. I have always been apart of the peanut gallery if you will. until recently, now I know my current job is not the best of jobs. But it is getting me by and it teaches me so many things daily. I have been with this company for almost a year now, and when I first started the manger did nothing to support his team. He never pushed us towards greatness, he pushed himself. Just until seven months ago when someone new came into our place of work. This new leader of ours was like a breathe of fresh air, She had so many fresh ideas and brought so much motivation to our team. She has told me that she can see a lot of potential in my work. She put me in different situations I did not think I could handle, I was put under pressure and at times had to be a leader when I really needed a leader myself. This was the first time in all my work appearance that I have truly felt appreciated for my time and effort. With that being said I was finally trusted enough and acknowledged by my team to now lead them as a assistant manager.

  42. Angelica Moya 6 months ago

    An important sponsor of literacy in my life is my mother, Ana. Although her education ended in the sixth year, she is the brightest and wisest person I know. Education is used to push an individual out of their comfort zone, which can often make a person feel dumb and at times frustrated. Yet, my mother taught me at a young age to never give up, especially when it comes to my education. This pushed me to continue forth despite my insecurities in reading and writing. Although she did not finish school, she is constantly learning and expanding her knowledge through books. She taught me despite her lack of opportunities, she always found a way to learn. The life lessons my mom in bedded in me has made me a better student.

  43. Kevin Valentines 6 months ago

    A Literacy that i had in my life was my Uncle. My uncle did a lot as a teenager he was able to do anything he loved and do even travel all over the world. My uncle is my literacy today because besides all the partying and going out he was able to manage to finish school and get a degree and get a good paying job. On top off that my uncle was able to do that was able to have a girlfriend and a kid at the same time and was able to accomplish everything by the age of 30. My uncle did struggle a lot and it wasn’t easy at all either, my uncle is my literacy because he made me realize its okay to have fun and do what you want to do but when its time to get to business handle it because it will pay off, this makes me feel confident to achieve my goals and makes me work hard to have a good life everyday.

  44. Andres Olguin 6 months ago

    One sponsor of literacy that I have had was my driving instructor. I was taught the rules of the road when I was only fifteen which allowed me to receive my license at the age of eighteen. My driving instructor from All Star Driving School taught me how to read street signs and obey the laws. This allowed me to progress and be able to drive by myself and do the things I want without having to ask for a ride

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