1B Intro and Syllabus

What is Critical Thinking?

Quality of Thinking, Quality of Life


  • Egocentric
  • Fallacy
  • Validity
  • Credibility
  • Evidence

What would someone have to say to convince you to change your mind?

Write for two minutes.

Four Defining Traits of a Game

  1. Goal. The outcome that the players will work to achieve. It focuses attention and gives you a sense of purpose.
  2. Rules. Limitations on how to achieve the goal. It will unleash creativity and foster strategic thinking.
  3. Feedback System. Tells players how close they are to achieving their goal. Provides motivation to keep playing.
  4. Voluntary Participation. Requires that you knowingly accept the goal, rules, and the feedback. You have the freedom to enter and leave the game at will.

With these four ideas in mind, how can we apply this to college?

Intro to Rhetoric

Language is an art form. Here is the Wikipedia definition of Rhetoric.

Rhetoric is the art of discourse, wherein a writer or speaker strives to inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations.

Aristotle’s definition of rhetoric

“The faculty of observing, in any given case, the available means of persuasion

ethos pathos

Ethos: Appeals to Ethics, Credibility or Character. Ethics, ethical, trustworthiness or reputation, style/tone. The credibility of the speaker persuades.

Pathos: Appeals to Emotion. Emotional or imaginative impact, stories, values. Uses emotional response to persuade an audience.

Logos: Appeals to logic. Persuade by reason and evidence.

What is Baloney?

Bullshit involves language, statistical figures, data graphics, and other forms of presentation intended to persuade by impressing and overwhelming a reader or listener, with a blatant disregard for truth and logical coherence.

  • Carl Sagan 1996 The Fine Art of Baloney Detection. Chapter 12 in Sagan (1996) The Demon-Haunted World
  1. Brittany F. 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is evaluating, analyzing and thinking outside egocentric view. it is analyzing if something is valid and the source is credible.

  2. alma cendejas 9 months ago

    critical thinking is a way of figuring out an issue and it is an overall evaluation of either a topic or idea.

  3. T 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is a way of thinking that can go beyond your own personal beliefs. It’s a way of taking others thoughts into consideration when making decisions on topics.

  4. Chris Kuzara 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is the way by which you view and analyze things through the use of reason, logic, and deconstruction.

  5. Terrin Strickland 9 months ago

    I believe critical thinking is making a judgement and making a observation on a matter. Logical reasoning based on your observation.

  6. Charizma Hernandez 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is seeing different viewpoints and analyzing it without criticizing it. In a shorter term, you’re understanding another’s perspective on an argument.

  7. Austin Scott 9 months ago

    Critical thinking means to think outside of the box. In addition to thinking more in depth of a concept or rational reasoning.

  8. Asia Roberson 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is going beyond your original belief and understanding other points of view and gaining more knowledge on your current belief. In doing this you may keep your current belief or change it because you’ve learned new things that disproved your original belief .

  9. Darius 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is a more in depth and less egocentric view that allows the thinker to have a more widened view about specific topics or ideas

  10. Johana Ponce 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is analyzing more than what the eye sees, being able to go in depth and not what is the obvious. Thinking outside the box and out of your comfort zone.

  11. Karina Meza 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is the ability to be able to analyze specific things and see the many different viewpoints and thoughts/facts surrounding it.

  12. Yasmen Alami 9 months ago

    critical thinking is going beyond your personal viewpoints and looking at things in different perspectives. It is going beyond ego- centrism and thinking deeper and evaluating and seeings something through other points of views other than your self

  13. Nan 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is a deep thinking, that makes people to think from other point of view

  14. Angel H. 9 months ago

    Critical thinking involves objectivity and using analytical skills, It is a way to move beyond the egocentric view. It includes utilizing pathos, ethos and logos. Critical thinking leads to a higher quality of thought and life.

  15. ShanaT 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is a way to analyze a situation or topic by using different skills in order to make a decision or understand another person’s point of view.

  16. Merneeta Romero 9 months ago

    What would someone have to say to convince you to change your mind?

    In order for someone to convince me about something I’d have to be provided with substantial evidence, in the form of pictures, statistics or even testimony from someone who is considered credible.
    What is Critical thinking?
    Critical thinking is the ability to think outside of the box in a more logical and rational manner. It requires more thought, and insight from a much broader perspective. It is not one dimensional or biased it is a mixture of different point of views, ideas and logical reasoning.

  17. Steven Sihombing 9 months ago

    Critical Thinking is a type of evaluation or thinking outside the box.

  18. Sartaj Purewal 9 months ago

    Critical Thinking is seeing a topic through someone else’s point of view and trying to understand it, and where they’re coming from.

  19. Christopher Koumoutsos 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is the objective analysis and observation of an issue to form a judgment.

  20. dezara burrell 9 months ago

    In order for someone to convince me to change my mind about something is reasons why I need to change my mind how it will help me and what makes them an expert on that topic.

    Critical thinking is more than just thinking about what your opinion is about a topic and how you see things. It is more what about how others view they topic why they feel the way they feel about the topic and what is so important about the topic.

  21. marilyn morales 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is thinking outside the box of a certain topic. Its looking more in depth and understanding another persons point of view even if it is different from yours.

  22. Mac Morris 9 months ago

    Critical thinking is the ability and process that one uses in efforts to learn more about themselves and others. This process may include analyzing and/or evaluating evidence, so that one may be able come to new conclusions and possibly even re-establish older viewpoints.

  23. Evan Richardson 9 months ago

    Critical Thinking is formed in both taking and receiving knowledge in a more in-depth manner. Having outside views and opinions to get more than just an egocentric view.

  24. Michelle Yvonne Collucci 9 months ago

    in my opinion Critical Thinking is your over thinking analyzing everything from the problem to who or what and how it affects you.

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