1B Week 4 Journal Response

Locate an article, news report, or social media post to respond to. You can also respond to any of the articles or topics discussed in the class.

First, summarize what the post is saying and what you understand them to be arguing.

Second, respond to the article with what we have been learning in class.

  • Point out fallacies if you see them. 
  • Evaluate the argument they are making. 
  • Explain any bias you see in the post. 
  • Point out unsupported claims. 
  • If you agree, help them better support their argument. If you disagree, explain why.

Make sure your journal response is at least 250 words long. Comment below with a link and your response.

  1. Christie Gutierrez 9 months ago


    The first thing I notice about this article is that it is dealing with the news source it comes from: NPR. They are not holding back just because it is dealing with people within the source. All these sexual allegations are causing in itself issues in the workplace. The main part that I don’t understand about these women is the time frame and length they allow these things to fester for years then act on them, but it’s part of a women’s responsibility to stand up for themselves in these situations either while it is happening or within an appropriate time. Men act this way because we allow them to or let them think it is ok to behave in this manner.
    The dangers that surround these issues relates to health as well, the CEO dealing with this issue has to take a leave of absence due to high blood pressure from the issues surround this case. This is just a yet another negative aspect in these workplace issues. I don’t like to see women playing into the victim with being harassed when it is there action they can take to correct this behavior surrounding the careers they choose. This needs to become a life skill that is taught to teens and young adults to understand the world they are going into, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. You need to know how to work in the real world with real people who can be ugly and need to be shown their ugliness and help them correct their actions.

  2. T 8 months ago

    In this article the site TripAdvisor is under fire for removing review postings that were extremely negative. In particular a review posted in 2010 by Kristie Love’s experience on the resort. During her stay at a Mexican resort Love was raped by a member of the hotel staff. After not being able to press charges in either the United States or Mexico she figured she would go back to where she originally researched the resort and write a review. Her goal was to prevent this from happing to anyone else in the future. TripAdvisor however deleted any negative reviews that were posted about foreign resorts.
    Seeing this from an audience perspective TripAdvisor was just trying to give positive reviews for potential customers. Something that all businesses do, but that doesn’t mean that its right. After seven years TripAdvisor has reached out to Love with an apology and has agreed to re-post the review after similar situations have been reported.
    I personally do not agree with TripAdvisor’s approach to the entire situation. At the end of the day most customers do not book directly from TripAdvisor’s website so what profit could they be missing out on by posting these negative reviews? The may purpose of going to their site is to get a review you can trust which is part of their advertising. As a person whom frequently uses TripAdvisor I would really reconsider how great a resort or hotel is based on the fallacies of how great the place really is by reviews that the site WILL allow.

  3. Evan Richardson 8 months ago


    In this article, it is explained that Aaron Hernandez suffered through an extreme case of CTE. CTE is summarized as severe head trauma that can effect an individuals way of life that can effect there decision making and logical thinking. A good amount of people that suffer from CTE say that they are constantly in pain and it truly does affect their way of life. Aaron was a professional football player that was sentenced to life in prison for murdering one of his close friends due to gang related violence. Just recently, his body was found in his jail cell hung after he had committed suicide. In his jail cell, letters were found explaining the pain he had been living with and now his lawyers are trying to support the case that he had not committed his crime in a “sane” matter. The argument being explained here is that Aaron did not have complete sanity and altered judgement, and that is why he had murdered his friend. The author in this article is in my opinion feeling too sympathetic for Aaron, they are not showing the bad side of gang relation, drug usage, and temper problems. I still agree with the author because CTE is a very serious matter that can affect a persons well being and in previous cases, such as with the linebacker from San Diego Chargers who had shot himself and gave his brain to be examined to find out the problems with CTE. Concussions and head trauma are a big part of professional contact sports and with previous cases, CTE is a very serious and life changing matter but to be fair, Aaron Hernandez did have previous troubles with his life that shouldn’t be dismissed.

  4. Nan 8 months ago

    In this article, Sanjay Dastoor created a new way and more interesting concept for transportation, unlike bicycle or vehicle. The product that he invented is skateboard with a boost, that can make transportation more efficiency like the city San Francisco. He showed a video clip about how does it work and how fun it could be. he also gave some data that can compare with other transportation in SF. But the problem for this transportation is the limitation on the usage, Sanjay only mention that this kind invention that can be only used in the city like San Francisco. The audience for this new transportation is more for the skateboard lover and for the people who is love to try something new, because skateboard unlike other transportation that requires lots of skills. In this situation like this, Sanjay is mainly focusing at area in San Francisco or New York city, that is what makes the electric Skateboard are useful. The presentation is very short, because he created this product with the things from the normal toys. The feel that Sanjay gave me is that, he always said that it is interesting, but it is really hard to notice from his face or his language.

  5. Karina Meza 8 months ago

    The first thing you may think when you see this sign is a big mac, a large fry, and a coke. What many do not see is the hidden fallacy in the sign. Right under those two giant arches, easily recognized as McDonalds, is a sign that says, “Billions and Billions served.” This is an example of a bandwagon fallacy. A bandwagon fallacy is when someone likes something because everyone else likes it. For example, with the saying under the sign of billions and billions served, McDonald’s corporation knows how to clearly sway people into wanting to eat their food by using a bandwagon fallacy. Someone who conforms easily with societies ideals might think that if billions and billions of people are served here that they must eat there too so that they can conform with society and try to fit in with what other people think is cool or good. McDonald’s using such a big number as “billions and billions” shows that people clearly like eating there therefore it must be good and since everyone else is eating there you’re going to want to eat there too.

  6. ShanaT 8 months ago

    In this article, the author describes the statistics about food waste in the United States and what we can do to reduce it. He explains that while people tend to compare the weight of food waste loss each year as a way to determine the best solution, it does not take into account the energy and resources used to produce those foods. For example, one pound of broccoli wasted is considered the same as one pound of red meat. In reality, “It takes about 34 gallons of water to grow one pound of broccoli, whereas it takes 1,847 gallons of water to grow one pound of beef.” In addition, he states that “roughly 20% of meat and dairy and 35% of fish is wasted globally. When you think about the total number of animals consumed every year around the world, those percentages represent millions of individual lives.” He proposes a system in which we focus on the types of foods that are wasted, instead of just the amount wasted. As a conclusion, he writes, “It turns out that what we eat matters more than where it comes from—and what we waste matters more than how much we toss out.” The author, Max Elder is a researcher at Food Futures Lab at the Institute for the Future, which helps establish his ethos. He is also a member of Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, which may be the reason for his bias against animal-based products. However, he does back up his claims with sufficient evidence so his bias does not exactly affect the effectiveness of his argument. Overall, I do not think his argument had any major fallacies. In order to strengthen his argument, he could have compared the statistics to other countries or provide other alternatives that would help decrease food waste.

  7. alma cendejas 8 months ago


    Last Wednesday there was a mass shooting in Charleston, Texas. It’s a really small town where everyone basically knows each other so nobody really ever expected something so horrible like this to happen. ON Wednesday 21 year old Devin Kelly came into the church during a bible study and shot 26 people dead and injured many. In the past he has served in the military so he had a gun background. Due to this man issues have risen some being gun control. When they first announced the mass shooting they didn’t say what race or why he did it. Later on we found out he was a white male in his early twenties who actually had a races background. Most people are saying that because of his race he is being white privileged because they keep saying that he did the mass shooting due to a mental illness. Then people brought up the fact that they need to better gun control but to me that seems like a slippery slope because what will happen if they try to take everyone’s guns away, people will still try to get what they want somehow and I think that might make things matter worse. When it comes to guns I do believe that the government has to better protect who they give guns to and who they let in and out of the military I think some of these people get messed up in the head and that’s why they go on these mass shootings and people need to stop classifying them with saying they did it just because they have mental illness.

  8. Mac Morris 8 months ago


    Following the sexual allegations made by six women in an article by The New York Times towards comedian Louis C.K. on Thursday (November 9, 2017), C.K. issued a response the next day. Included in this was the admittance to the misconduct and speaking on the repercussions and damage caused by his actions. Although he doesn’t blatantly state what had been done or said to these women, he generalizes and says that it had been an overall product of power abuse. Furthermore, C.K. strategically presents a purposeful contrast statement, all in efforts to try to lessen his impact and gain a form of empathy. He does this by mentioning that he offered consent, but then he immediately refutes this statement by correlating their approval with them being powerless–a fair analysis. Following that, he goes more into depth and acknowledges the impact that he’s had on these girl’s lives. Despite these acknowledgements, C.K. fails to ever outright apologize to these girls or anyone. I do have an issue with that because the readers aren’t able to hear his tone, since it’s a written statement. The audience has the ability to misinterpret what he’s saying, and may question his extent of remorse as a result–just as I have done. In my opinion, I don’t respect his decision to release a statement over text, versus speaking out over the form of a video or interview. As a product of this choice and from what I’ve gathered from his testimony, I do not feel a sense of remorse. I feel as if he has said these things, so that he could relieve the tension that’s sparked from this series of events. In addition to that, I also noticed that he avoided mentioning that he has previously dismissed the statements in the past; he never delivered any explanation or recognition. I think that he does get what he did was wrong, but he has yet to internalize and fully understand it. He still has a lot more room to grow.

  9. Merneeta Romero 8 months ago

    Nevada execution postponed over dispute about paralytic drug!!
    According to news report, LAS VEGAS — Nevada’s first inmate execution in 11 years was postponed Thursday after a state court judge ordered a paralytic drug removed from a never-before-used lethal injection plan that also includes the first use by a state of the powerful opioid fentanyl.
    Prisons chief James Dzurenda called off the execution that had been set for Tuesday for twice-convicted murderer Scott Raymond Dozier. According to the reports the main reason behind calling off the execution is due to their concern that Dozier may experience pain and air- hunger with the use of only fentanyl and diazepam before he actually died. They went further and said the paralytic was not being used as a substitute for heart-stopping drug like most penalty states use but to prevent witnesses from seeing if Dozier experiences an unconstitutionally inhumane death. This story leaves me with my mouth wide opened and my eyes popping because this seems so unreal and makes no sense to me. This man is being killed because he killed someone else and killing is wrong, how does this make any sense or how does this make what he did right. Furthermore, they are concerned that he may feel pain but is not concerned that their end goal which is to take his life is far more concerning? What is even more disturbing is the fact that these people are literally still figuring out what’s the best way to kill this man, what they should use and how they should do it. After mentioning that their other reason to use paralytic drug is to prevent witnesses from seeing this man suffer. This left me thinking that if it weren’t for these witnesses they’d inject him anyway, pain or no pain. I don’t have any remorse whatsoever but this man already has to live with knowing that his days are counting down and he’s going to be killed for killing someone else. That is painful enough then telling him it’s postponed for another time because they are trying to figure out the right drug to use to kill him is not a blessing but added torture. If killing murderers is so important and they are considered valueless, not to sound harsh but instead of wasting money on expensive drugs a simple bullet to the brain could do the job. One less murderer, and a few bucks saved. Overall if the death penalty is going to be considered as an acceptable punishment for convicts I’m concerned for the professionalism and the thought being put into this like figuring out the drug before-hand perhaps and always be prepared. The thought of one being killed is already painful so actually having a set drug to do the job would save time and not add more stress and worry to these convicts.

  10. Christopher Koumoutsos 8 months ago

    President Trump does not want Japan to be shipping over their cars that they built to the US. He wants the Japanese carmakers to come to the US and build their cars in the US. Little does he know, like usual, that 75% Japanese cars are made in North America about 53% of the Japanese cars that are made are in the US are sold in the US. The rest of the Japanese cars are made in Mexico, Japan, and Canada. I feel the president is a hypocrite because he is all about no immigrants and everything must be American made but yet he wants to import cars from other countries. Countries such as Japan and he wants those immigrants to come and build their cars in the US. If he wants America to be immigrant free why doesn’t he just build more American cars ? The reason why he wants Japanese cars are because they’re cheap rather than American cars which were expensive and hard to fix then Japanese cars which are easier to fix. Japan does not want to fully commit building most of their cars in the US because US buying and importing their cars is worth a lot of money to them because the US dollar is worth more money than the Japanese dollar. Trump doesn’t want to spend so much money on importing Japanese cars when they can just build it in the US even though Japanese cars are the cheapest to buy. I don’t understand Trump wants to have all American brands, be only American made because he so against immigrants. Why doesn’t he just have the country make better American cars similar to the Japanese models or make them even better? He needs to come to realization that America is great because of immigrants. The US was made up of immigrants. He says let’s make America great again but America has been great and forever will be.

  11. dezara burrell 8 months ago

    http://time.com/5015058/alcohol-can cer-risk
    In this article there are tw about how
    drinking can be related to cancer. The ASCO which is the American Society of Clinical Oncology explains that a lot of drinking causes most cancer disease. They state in fact “5.5% of new cancer cases worldwide can be traced back to drinking.” the article states that this is something that has been known for years the ASCO has just now add themselves into the conversation to make this aware for others by adding this essay into the journal of clinical oncology which list seven different cancers that connects to drinking cancer of the mouth,throat, liver, breast, colon and esophagus. Noelle LoConte from the University of Washington Oncology who is going against what they are saying because not all oncologists, doctors, and patients know about the risks of drinking so she points out how she believes that minimum drinking has positive health benefits like for instance bringing can cut the risk of type 2 diabetes and red wine can cause anti ageing. This was found from magazine in ‘BMJ’ and ‘Diabetologia’. LoConter speaks on how the non alcoholic drinkers are less healthier than the alcoholic drinkers saying that they even messed with the results. In fact LoConte goes as far of saying that ASCO apart of their plan is collaborating with the alcohol brand called pink-washing which are alcohol companies to put pink bands on alcohol beverages during breast cancer awareness month during October. Which she believes is useless because their still selling the alcohol even though their increasing the prices at the liquor stores and preventing under age drinking it still isn’t doing much to stop drinking. LoConter states that ‘it’s like selling cigarettes to raise awareness for lung cancer. LoConter says it’s about knowing all the risk and it’s all about moderation. I can see the bias in because neither one says how much drinking a day should be minimized and that LoConter realized that they’re already limiting drinking but instead of ASCO saying ‘let’s get rid of all alcohol drinking’ they should have said drink less than before or don’t drink at all.

  12. Asia Roberson 8 months ago


    In this article, the author discusses the recent sentencing of rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill is a hip hop artist that was arrested when he was 18 for carrying an illegal gun. Following that arrest Meek Mill served 8 months in jail, and was supposed to do 5 years on probation. However, with a few minor probation charges in between 2008 and now, Meek Mill has been on probation for 11 years. Then, last week the rapper was arrested for popping wheelies on a dirt bike and not wearing a helmet’ this is considered reckless endangerment. After being arrested and taking a drug test, Meek Mill failed the drug test. When the rapper went to court on Monday, judge Brinkely sentenced Meek Mill to two to five years in prison. This outraged the entire rap community, rappers like Jay-Z and T.I. posted thing on social media in response. T.I. specifically posed, “When you realize Meek got more jail time for riding a dirt bike then a cop would for shooting an unarmed African American”. The judge felt like she had given Meek several chances and he continued to disobey the court. However, according to Meek and his attorney, the judge has a personal vendetta against him, and they will be appealing the judge’s orders. I agree that this is clearly a racial injustice in the criminal justice system. The rapper had been on probation for 11 years, and got into trouble a few times for very minor things. It’s very outrageous that he got sentenced to two to five years in prison for riding a dirt bike and smoking weed. There are other celebs that do hard core drugs like Lindsey Lohan and do little to no time. All in all this shows the flaws within our “justice” system.

  13. Steven Sihombing 8 months ago

    In this article, it talks about about transportations that will be here in the near future. Things like a self driving car really standed out to me. The self driving car is where the driver doesn’t need to keep his or her hands on the wheel while driving but having the car do the driving for the person. They have already created these laws to have these cars in states like San Francisco and Las Vegas Nevada. The article gives certain features that the car will do in certain situations such as exit ramps, detect buildings, stopping when there are cars nearby.But what the article lacks is the information about all the things that could happen if the car were to crash because of the self driving option. It also doesn’t give much credibility on how safe it really is. The article should give video examples on what the car will do on certain situations like stopping if there were a a pedestrian crossing the road. Giving examples can help boost the credibility in this article.

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