Quick Write
    How would you feel if someone used your ideas or work without giving you credit?

    Annotated Bibliography
    Chapter 11 in our textbook explains the purpose of an annotated bib. An annotated b

    • I’m going to write a traditional essay on why college athletes should be paid.
      1.should athletes be paid? thesis
      2.pros of college athletes being paid.
      3.cons of college athletes being paid. colleges could possibly provide salaries for student athletes
      5. previous attempts at paying student athletes.
      6.current stand on paying student athletes.

    • PowerPoint Report Outline
      1. Puffer fish (fugu)
      2. What is puffer fish
      3. Background on eating Fugu
      4. Dangers of eating Fugu
      5. How chefs learn to prepare Fugu
      6. The different dishes of Fugu
      7. How fugu is a delicacy in the modern society (might combine this with #2)
      8. Conclusion

    • Drug Abuse Powerpoint
      1. Thesis
      2. What Are Opioids?
      3. What Are Opiates?
      4. Which Opioids Are Being Abused?
      5. Which Opiates Are Being Abused?
      6. Which Drugs Have the Worst Side Effects?
      7. Which Drug Is Being Abused The Most?
      8. Are Opiates Just As Harmful As Opioids?
      9. Which Country Are They Being Abused In The Most?
      10. Conclusion

    • I would be annoyed if someone stole something i made without giving me credit and never asked to. It would get me more mad if they made money off of it.
      Essay outline: start by saying how there are different causes of depression and treatment can work differently depending on that. Give different examples of causes. Gives examples of treatments. Explain sources that show correlation between cause and treatments of depression. Why we should identify the cause before treatment. Conclusion and overview of the purpose of my essay

    • Power Point outline on GMO Foods:
      1. What is GMOs
      2. Time of when they were created
      3.What food and crops are GMO (graph)
      4. The effects of gmo foods
      5. Why is it important?
      6. What can we do to change eating habits?
      7. Experiments

    • SR-71 Blackbird
      -Beginning of the Cold War
      -U2 Spy plane shot down
      -Need for a better aircraft
      -Development of the Blackbird
      -Retirement and the lack of need

    • Video Games
      -Gaming and what it is
      -Why do people play games
      -why people think gaming is bad
      -why gaming can be helpful
      -Why gaming is viewed as addicting
      -What good comes from gaming

    • Powerpoint outline:
      1. How to become a preschool teacher
      2. education needed to become a preschool teacher
      3. different duties preschool teachers do throughout the day
      4. salary for preschool teachers
      5. many qualifications needed to become a preschool teacher
      6. many qualifications needed to become a preschool teacher(2)
      7. why preschool is important for children

    • Traditional Report outline

      1. Introduction/thesis
      2. What is veganism
      3. Benefits of veganism-environmental
      4. Benefits of veganism- personal health
      5. Rise of popularity
      6. USDA/ FDA stance on a vegan diet
      7. Why the reader should consider adopting a vegan lifetsyle

    • Traditional Essay maybe video:
      1.Who are these people who’s legacy has been dulled
      2. What are these aspects that are less known
      3. Why have these things been left out
      4. Who is responsible for this distortion of there legacy
      5. How do we properly maintain there great legacy

    • The points that I am trying to focus on is how gaming is positive and what benefits come from it, so far I have two articles that focus on why gaming does not make individuals anti-social and another article focuses on how it can be used to treat individuals with certain illnesses.

    • PowerPoint outline:
      1) What is sex trafficking
      2) How it is marketed
      3) Who is targeted
      4) Regulations involving sex trafficking
      5) The Damage it has on victims and our nation

    • Power point outline: How Coffee Consumption impacts your health
      1. Thesis/Intro
      2. Cognitive impact, how it affects adults cognitive performance
      3. Studies showing an increase in blood pressure
      4. Studies showing it lowers your blood pressure
      5. Possible benefits
      6. Ending summary
      7. Conclusion
      8. Annotated Bib

    • PowerPoint Outline
      1.) Brief introduction to my topic
      2.) Possible answer to what researched
      3.) Most common music heard
      4.) Who listens to the music
      5.) Pros and cons (weight each holds)
      6.) Is it a problem ?

    • Animal testing
      1. Intro/Thesis
      2. Pros and cons
      3. Why is it still being done in 2018
      4. What could we do differently
      5. Why aren’t all cosmetic companies going cruelty free
      6. Is it really benefiting us
      7. What could it teach our young generation by going cruelty free
      8. ?

    • I would feel used if someone took credit for my work, it wouldnt be fair.

      facts and oppsite views

    • PowerPoint Outline
      1. Intro to my topic, effects parents with addictions have on children
      2. Emotional questions to make the reader sympathize and question their own life experiences
      3. Statistics to explain just how bad it is, also shows the reader if they’re a statistic or a lucky outlier
      4. My own experiences and how I believe it should be handeled
      5. Conclusion statements thanking the reader, as well as asking them to help or prevent the problem from continuing

    • Traditional Essay
      1. History of the Africanized bee.
      2. Reasons for its spread in South America and Southern North America.
      3. Reasons it has out competed European honey bees.
      4. Potential hazards from Africanized bees.
      5. Are they really as dangerous as everyone makes them sound?

    • Robots And jobs
      -Early technology
      -Robots in the workforce then
      -Robots in the workforce now
      -Future of Jobs
      -Effects of robots

    • Can art help on a mental level?
      The process of brain activity with art
      How art helps with depression
      How art helps with anxiety
      How it helps with disorders
      The cause and effect of doing art
      How it improves the brain

    • Power point
      1. population based study
      2. immunization safety review
      3. cases in court
      4. Wakefield fraudulent article
      5. autism occurrence with siblings
      6. US Federal Court exculpates cases with autism

    • Powerpoint: Homelessness in the U.S.

      1. Introduction/Thesis
      2. How it started in the U.S.
      3. How people are affected/factors that lead to homelessness
      4. How many people are sheltered and unsheltered
      5. How it’s a problem in the U.S.
      6. Conclusion

    • If someone else used my idea or work without giving me credit it would make me mad and betrayed.

    • Traditional essay: What is it like raising an adopted child?
      1.What are some reasons why people adopt?
      2. Is adoption a good way to start a family?
      3. Is there a better age to adopt a child at? if so what age?
      4. What are some factors that may contribute to an adoptive child having behavioral issues/learning disabilities?
      5.How does raising an adopted child differ from raising your own?
      6. What are some good tips for parents to a newly adopted child?

    • i am doing traditional essay. Gonna write about Drug Trafficking.
      Economy In the US

    • Becoming a nurse- Essay
      -the schooling it takes
      -effects you emotionally
      -effects you physcially
      -the annual income
      -the benefits

    • If someone took my work or idea without giving me the credit I would feel really upset and disrespected because I took the time to think up those ideas and in some cases it might have taken me a while to think of it.

      Traditional essay? Animal Abuse
      1) What is animal abuse?
      2) What is animal abuse linked with?
      3) How can we fight against animal abuse?
      4) What are different types of animal abuse?
      5) What are the statistics of animal abuse?

    • Traditional essay ; Youtube as a career ?
      Getting started, making a channel
      Monetize/ selling other products
      Compare to average income in California

    • Power Point Presentation
      1. What is CryptoCurrency
      2. History of CryptoCurrency
      3. The type of digital Software it takes
      4. Types of CryptoCurrency (Bitcoin)
      5. Pros and cons of CryptoCurrency
      6. Compare and contrast our current currency with digital
      7. Future of CryptoCurrency

    • Report Outline:
      -What is considered police brutality.
      -What is police brutality defined as according to out legal system.
      -Police brutality cases.
      -is there a possibility that the way we behave when we are stopped or approached by police we can change the outcome of what will happen.
      -is it that civilians cause harsh reactions, do we just assume every cop is bad just how we assume that cops some cops are racist?

    • How would you feel if someone used your ideas or work without giving you credit?
      I would feel cheated and “hey that’s mine!” I wrote that work and then for someone to just claim what I did is wrong. They need to acknowledge and let whoever reads what they worked on that I was the original creator of the ideas and work.

      Traditional Essay: Should College Athletes be Paid?
      1. Introduction/Backround Story
      2. Show information about the NCAA/ Show the NCAA statistics
      3. Show that the NCAA is corrupt
      4. Explain how the NCAA corrupt system needs to be fixed and what they can do to help athletes.
      5. Recap of what I said and conclude
      6. Works Cited/Annotated Bibliography

    • Infographic on Nuclear Energy as a Main Alternative Energy Source:
      1) Nuclear Energy, How it works.
      2) How much would it cost?/ Size and Locations and Financial
      3) Sustainability
      4) Environmental Effects
      5) Small comparisons to other alternative energy sources.

    • I would honestly feel so disrespected because my ideas are now being seen as someone else ideas. My ideas could have been what made the person be noticed and is now taking full credit.

      1) Introduction/thesis
      2) History of STDs
      3) Background Information on STDs
      4) Number of People Affected
      5) Cure/ vaccinations/ medicines for each STD
      6) How it can be avoided
      7) Conclusion
      8) Work Cited

    • Traditional Essay

      What is Atheism?
      -Misconceptions of Atheism
      -Difference between Atheism and Agnosticism

    • Traditional Essay:
      1. What are Loot Boxes in video Games
      2. Why are companies exploiting loot boxes
      3. Does it affect a younger audience
      4. How much do people send on loot boxes
      5. Is the randomness of loot boxes the same as gambling
      6. Would it count as gambling
      7. Is it addicting for people to buy loot boxes.
      (These topics might change also not in order)

    • Powerpoint: Worldwide or california water drought and depletions
      1. Facts on the topic(worldwide) numbers, statistics etc….
      2. California drought in specific
      3.Water wasted
      7. Peoples responibilities to change this

    • Traditional Essay: Different types Of Civil Engineering.
      1. General summary of civil engineering and naming the different types of engineering.
      2. explain each engineering topic and how they impact the world.
      3. Conclusion in how all the engineering topic tie into civil engineering.

    • what is a midwife?
      1. who are they?
      2. what do midwives do?
      3.what are the incomes and credentials?
      4.interviews and personal story
      5. why are they important?

    • Powerpoint: CTE
      1. What is CTE?
      2. What causes CTE?
      3. Sypmtoms of having CTE besides autopsy
      4. Bennet Omalu Vs. NFL
      5. Data on brains found with CTE
      6. Famous Cases of CTE
      7. How CTE is changing sports

    • powerpoint outline on psychopaths: born that way or made that way?

      1. introduction, definition
      2. dna facts
      3. facts on upbringing
      4. examples
      5. stereotypes (explained)
      6. result/conclusion

    • Powerpoint outline:
      1. what is cervical Cancer?
      2. age risk
      3. signs/symptoms
      4. what changes to look for.

    • Powerpoint: The Pink Tax
      1. What it is
      2. Background/History
      3. Who is affected
      4. Examples

    • power point outline: Basketball
      1. what was basketball back then.
      2. How much money they make back then and now.
      3. What type of cloths they wore.
      4. When the actual NBA started.
      5. How is the NBA now.

    • I am writing a traditional essay on the birth of the credit card and how plastic money is not just a substitute for currency but also how the use of credit cards purchases long life debt. Consumer debt has devastated millions of lives across the glob and the great need to get back to basics.

  • Quick Write
    What is the difference between a report and an argument?
    Wilcox “Marathons for Women”
    What points does Wilcox make? How does she support those points?
    What points are you going to make? How are you

    • My audience member is anybody that is old enough to understand the death penalty. Specifically teenagers and above. They want to know the pros and cons about it, both sides of it, and my standing on it. They want to know the costs of the death penalty. Also the different types of executions that their is.

    • I have 2 scholarly articles and a website explaining what my topic is and how the long term effects are based on. My audience member is Sam #2 and she wants more info on what these drugs are and how they effect you.

    • My five research sources are scholarly journals, on The Jama Network website. My audience member is a man that wants to know the difference of opioids and opiates. As well as, which drug(s) is abused more than the other.

    • 1. I have 2 scholarly and one popular sources. The popular source is from a journalist that has experienced eating puffer fish and the 2 scholarly sources has done experiments on the toxin contained in puffer fish.
      2. My audience is anyone who is interested or afraid of trying out puffer fish.

    • I have three scholarly articles and my character is a student/friend of mine named Ashley who wants to know more about coffee consumption and it’s impact on your health.

    • I have five scholarly articles on the topics of how to become a preschool teacher and why preschool is important. My audience member is a college student who wants t be informed about how to become a preschool teacher. My audience member wants to know what education she needs to accomplish, she wants to hear about personal experiences from preschool teachers, and wants me to explain the many qualifications someone needs to accomplish and what qualities are needed to become a preschool teacher.

    • I have two scholarly and a website article completed for my topic.
      My audiences are college students. I want to inform and explain why sex trafficking is such a huge issue in America.

    • There are many things that are different about a report and argument. Such as a report is providing you information on that certain subject, they are not trying to convince the reading that this certain thing is right or wrong. And a agreement is when someone tries and tells you what is right about that topic and what they believe should be told about it, they want to win you over.
      I plan on having three scholarly articles, in hopes that I can find detailed research on my topic. My audience is college students, possibly more towards young girls and young women. Since my topic is geared more towards women I hope some girls will learn more about this topic. Since peta is do wide range I plan to focus more on the cosmetic side.

    • A report is writing based on what is known and what can be found from the research. It is strictly based on the facts and not personal opinions. An argument is fighting based on personal opinions. Arguing why YOU believe what you said is right and why any other opinion is wrong.
      I have only found one source that would support my statement whilst everything else is not supporting it. I have found an case study by Elle Crump(Turn That Game Back On: Video Games, Violence and the Myth of Injury to the Public Good.) that shows why video games are not the main problem, but a scapegoat for many that want to blames something instead of the person.
      My audience member is Joe, a person who knows about video games and plays them but he does not know that much about what politicians and people who are against violence in video games say. He wants to know what they say and what is said against them.

    • A report is teaching something to an audience, and giving both sides of the issue. It lets readers make informed decisions or just find out more on a topic. An argument is one side of an issue, and details about that one side to use in a debate.
      I have three scholarly articles so far but no other sources. My audience are the people who want to find out about the causes of depression, and how different causes can have different treatment methods that work better than others.

    • I have a book on women equality and three newspaper arguments about women pay from 2016-2018 and even further back. My audience member is a women college student and her question are I want to see why women not getting paid equally is important to me. I want to hear about why women don’t get paid the same as men? And I need you to explain why this is relevant to my future.

    • I have 2 research websites where one provides the pros and cons of paying student athletes. The other resource is a website article explaining incidents of student athletes not commiting to the academic part of being a student athlete, which is why they shouldn’t be paid.
      My audience member is john he wants to see the pros and cons of paying student athletes. He wants to hear about the history of paying student athletes. He needs to know why student athletes should be paid

    • Emmanuel Guerra

      In class Exercise
      The difference between a report and an argument is that a report provides details and examples of a subject that we are trying to explain whereas an argument you are talking about a subject that either you disagree or agree on what the issue is such as pro-abortion or pro-trump wall etc.
      1. List your five research sources and their reliability (scholarly, Website, Book, etc.)
      I have 2 websites that I am going to be using to explain why employment issues occur also I am going to be using 2 articles that relate to my job issues related and 1 book on how to value employees
      2. My audience is going to be for corporate so they can hear my voice and understand that this work-related problems can be solved by small changes that corporate and high ranked people can change in our employment lives.

    • Quick write 1: A report is you are giving out facts to a certain type of audience. A type of people or group that are interested in the subject you’re reporting for. An argument is where you write about the pros and cons of a subject your trying to convince people both sides.

      Quick write 2: I have two sources one id from school typo from s student who did his midterm paper in the history of ASL. The second one is on a government website and it’s from study’s the government did to test how life going. My audience member is a student who wants to know how it started as well as how they talk with the outside world.

    • My six research resources are all scholarly. I found one from the chaffey library and the others from google scholar. My audience members are mothers that are excepting and mothers with young children that aren’t sure if they should vaccinate their kids. They want to know if it is safe and what are the benefits.

    • The main difference between reports and arguments to me is the standpoint because in a report regardless of how you feel you have to be unbiased in bringing information to the reader. Where as in an argument I am in war for one side. Although the researching of information could be the same because if I was arguing my point I would want to know just as much about the enemies stand point. And if I was reporting I would just want to bring all the knowledge I can to the table.
      For the moment I only have one source I found on CQ researcher through Chaffey library sources. I switched subject a little late as my last subject was too sad and involved too much death. I’m now researching on Robotics and the economy.
      My audience member is kyle who is a starting college student and is wondering about how robotics and technology will affect his everyday life and the world around him.

    • 1.I have three Scholarly sources and the other two are articles. They are all by either Biologist or food sciene/human nutrition professors. They are creditable, this people are educated and know what they are talking about.
      2. My audience are consumers. Anyone that eats food. They want to know what GMO’s are. What are the pros and cons? Why does it matter? What can they do change?

    • My five sources for my report are Journal of Air Law and Commerce, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts, Pratt and Whitney, and the Smithsonian. My audience member is Noel (sits next to me.) He wants to know how fast the SR-71 goes and its history.

    • I think that arguments mainly try to persuade while reports try more to inform.

      So far I have three sources
      1. Africanized Honey Bees: Where Are They Now, and When Will They Arrive in North Carolina?- website its a .edu
      2. habits of the Africanized bee in the sonaren desert- scholarly
      3. Genetic spread of the Africanized Bee- scholarly

      My audience member is a college student named Miguel. He wants to know why africanized bees have spread so rapidly throughout north and South America, why the africanized bee is an important issue in beekeeping and how dangerous these “killer bees” really are.

    • The difference between a report and an argument is that in a report you are more informative and fact based as compared to an argument where you are trying to persuade you audience to either one thing or another. In a report you are required to use supported information while in an argument you can explain your side just by using opinion.

      All sources I have gotten so far are scholarly from EBSCOHOST. Two of them are explaining what workers compensation is. The other three articles are situations in which people have been caught doing fraud with workers compensation and their penalties.

      My audience member is a college student named James Henry Williams Jennings III. He doesn’t know much about workers compensation and is currently employed. He would like to know different examples of workers compensation fraud and wants to know how much people receive for filing workers compensation.

    • the differnces between report and augurment . report is imforming someone on something . a argument is making a statement . but both have facts to back up your imformation and statement. one is more arguing a point to prove it the other is to inform educate.
      I only have one scholary sources.. I’m still researching…
      My audience are future law students wanting information on law school. They want to know how to prepare for law school, they want to know what they should know about law beforing going for it.

    • I have 2 scholarly articles explaining that self-harm is a disease that many teenagers go through .My audience member is Lily a college student wanting to know what kind people self-harm and what causes them to self-harm.

    • I think the difference between a report and an audience is a report to me is sharing information with other people about the topic. An argument is more of trying to convince other people about whatever it is that you are wanting to tell them about the topic.
      So far I only have 2 scholarly articles and 2 articles, My two scholarly articles I got off of the library database. The articles that I’m using have a lot of knowledge on adopted children and the things that they have to deal with after being adopted into a new family. My audience that I’m writing to are couples that are looking to adopt and want to know more about what it’s like to be an adoptive parent.

    • I do not have all five research sources but I do have three that present the correct information that I need for my report on homelessness. My audience member is a college student, Jairo who wants to know more about homelessness and how they become homeless.

    • I have all five of my resources I have one book called, “Hemp: Industrial Production and Uses 2013th Edition” by by Pierre Bouloc (Editor),‎ S. Allegret (Editor),‎ L. Arnaud (Editor) I have three scholarly websites about Hemp covering what it is, the history, the uses, and the value of Industrial Hemp. I also have a scholarly website that goes in depth on the plant itself called “Influence of the Growth Stage of Industrial Hemp on Chemical and Physical Properties of the Fibres.” by Kellera, A.

    • Quickwrite 1: The difference between a report and an argument is that an argument has two opposing sides and two different claims. Each side has strong details and supporting evidence. A report has nothing but facts that are gathered of a specific topic and has a claim but ends with a solution.
      Quickwrite 2: My audience are people who are sexually active or going through the phase of being sexually active. Therefore, the audience I will be writing to are middle school and high school preteens and teenagers.
      Quickwrite3: My five research sources are, scholarly, cq researcher chaffey college library, chaffey college opposing view points. They are reliable. My audience members are teenagers. I chose to write about how sexually transmitted diseases have affected teens, how each single disease is transmitted and background information on each diseases. and if ea disease is curable and preventable from happening again.

    • I plan on using .orgs .govs anything with good backing. My person wants to know how people make money on youtube. What quality of life they can expect. How many hours they will be working compared to a normal job.

    • My audience are college student who are passionate about electric cars. Why they are the future, how they are faster and whats makes them so fast.

    • My audience for my research paper are people that are in college to middle aged people. My five source have been from google scholars and Chaffey library amonagst other realaible sources.

      • They are going to want to know what is digital currency and the history behind it, what can it do for them now, and what will it look like in the future

    • 1. I have no resources yet i did bring information but it was google so im going to go back and do more research for my topic.
      2. My audience is students,friends,teachers, and etc because its all depends if you want to know about the topic. they want to know about my downfalls, points,back round, and etc.

    • My audience that I am writing to are future nurses, they want to know what it is going to take to become a RN and if they are going to be physcially and emtionally ready to handle a job like that. Two for my research sources are from a hosptial page and I have to get a few more crediable source just to have a solid paper.

    • I don’t have all of my resources yet, however, I have a clear idea of who would be my typical audience member! His name would be Ripely and he would be a psychology major (such as myself).

    • My five resources are
      (1) Animal Abuse Cases, by type of Abuse, 2006 (Scholarly)
      (2) The Abuse of Animals as a Method of Domestic Violence: The Need for Criminalization (Scholarly),
      (3) The Sociology of Animal Crime: An Examination of Incidents and Arrests in Chicago (Scholarly),
      (4) Defending Those Who Cannot Speak: Civil and Criminal Prosecution of Animal Abuse (Scholarly),
      (5) Bullying and Animal Abuse: Is There a Connection? (Scholarly)

      My audience is Susan. She wants to know how to fight against animal abuse.

    • I have 4 sources all of them are scholarly. Two of my sources are from academic journals, one is from the clinics of sports medicine, and the last is from Alzheimer’s research and therapy. My audience is college students and athletes. They want to know about CTE and what are the effects of CTE and how does it effect the brain. They also want to know about what can cause you to develop CTE.

    • 1) I have 3 academic journals on nuclear energy. One on the costs of establishing a nuclear reactor, one on the environmental effects of nuclear energy and one on how reactors work.
      2) My audience member is someone who is looking to use alternative energy sources. They want to know the benefits of Nuclear energy, how it works, the drawbacks of using nuclear energy, the effects on the environment, how much would it cost, and how sustainable is it.

    • I have 3 scholarly sources on cervical cancer. they are discussing age risk on cervical cancer, begining signs of cervical cancer, and possible ways to prevent if not delay cervical cancer.
      My audince member claudia, a female in her mid 30’s having concerns on turning 40 aand being at the age of high chances for more illness or diseases.

    • 1. I have three sources that are scholarly that I found on the library database and from a google scholarly. The two articles are about atheism and it explains what exactly is an atheist and the misconception people have about it.

      2.My audience member is named Anthony and he wants to know what exactly is an atheism and the history behind it.

    • What is the difference between a report and an argument?
      A report, in my opinion is telling an audience information about something. An argument is taking a position on something and supporting that position and then dis the other position. In a report, there is no side taken; it is a neutral argument.

      Who is the audience that will be reading this report?
      My audience is the NCAA and college athletes everywhere who are struggling.

      1. List your five research sources and their reliability. (Scholarly, Website, Book, etc.)
      I have my sources but I haven’t written them down on source paper yet. I know I have 4 scholarly sources and a few other sources. The ones I can remember are “Should College Athletes be Paid?” by John Brill and “Payment of Student-Athletes, Legal and Practical Obstacles” by Thomas R. Hurst.

      Who is your audience member? What do they want to know?
      My audience members are college athletes, parents of college athletes, and the NCAA. The parents and athletes should know about the corrupt system of the NCAA and “WHY” they won’t pay college athletes. I want to bring facts that show that the NCAA athletes should be paid. In my sketch, I drew a very fat powerful ugly man named Adolf Peron (named after the dictators). The ugly fat powerful man is the NCAA. The bubble said “Why should we pay college athletes? How will it benefit the,? Explain why we should do that?”

    • A report is a written paper based on a scholarly website and an investigation. An argument is based on opinion by yourself and or the evidence. I have 3 scholarly resources from a great site on my basketball. My audience member is lil Dequavis who wants to understand the litness of basketball. He wants to hear it form the retired basketball player.

    • I only have three sources and all of them (I don’t think) are reliable. They were found on websites that weren’t big. I’ve tried to find my sources on the school’s database but I couldn’t find any. My audience member is towards college students like myself, mostly video gamers. The topics they want to know are like, “Are loot boxes the same as gambling?” and “Does it get addicting?”

  • Thesis 
    What is the purpose of a thesis statement? Where does it go? Why do you need one?

    Compose a complete sentence.
    Make a significant claim or assertion.
    Write a declarative sentence, not a

  • Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps toward Rhetorical Analysis
    Laura Bolin Carroll
    First Impressions
    Imagine the first day of class in first year composition at your university.*
    The moment your professor walked

  • Chips and Salsa
    Don’t you hate it when you have too much of one and not enough of the other? There has to be the appropriate amount of chips to salsa for it to work, to taste good.
    What are we talking a

    • I’m planning to write about the death penalty. I don’t know much about this topic yet. I need to research the pros and cons, both sides of it from different audiences, the costs of it, and where it began. I’m going to organize it by the first few paragraphs showing facts and evidence, then towards the end I will add my personal thoughts on it.

    • I’m planning on writting about avoiding police brutality I am not an expert on this subject and there are many views but i want to argue on how we as civilians can prevent police brutality. There are many opposing views to my statement due to the belief that many cops are corrupt and can be racist. I plan on introducing my arguement and beliefs and then providing different circumstance and events that can show whether us as civilians can prevent police brutality. With all these examples I believe I will be able to create a very strong arguement.

    • I plan on writing about National parks in North America. I am going this summer for a graduation present and I want to learn more about them before I go, I know it is always more fun to know about what you are doing and where you are going when on a vacation. I can learn its history, maybe the problems that they face today. I need to print out my articles and annotate them so that I can create a good balance of chips and salsa in my next research paper

  • Quick Write
    What topics do you care about? What are you considering writing about? Come up with a few topics to choose from. 
    Chapter 2 Reports
    Focus on exploring purpose and topic. p. 47 
    The purpose of the n

    • Im interested in writing about immigration and scoliosis issues, those 2 subjects are relatable to me.

    • Topics I care about is animal testing. Animal testing is something is talked about a lot. For example, makeup is something big on animal testing also on medical procedures. What I am considering on writing about is on how animal testing is decreasing the numbers of the species.Animal Testing, animal slaughter are two main topics i plan to choose from. Also, keeping animals locked in zoos or aquariums when they should not be kept in little spaces.

    • The topic I will be writting will be on cryptocurrency, and where it stands for our future. The type of report that Im going to write is still undecided, but I’m leaning more towards a power point, if not traditional.

    • What topics do you care about?
      The topics I care are Medicine, becoming a physician, hip-hop, football (not american), NCAA scholarships, scholarships, medical school, technology.

      What are you considering writing about?
      I am considering talking about why people should pursue a STEM career, I am also considering writing about how hip-hop does not negatively affect communities. I am also considering writing about how the NCAA scholarships are not a good thing. Or I may write about why the football transfer market is spending so much money.

      What topic have you decided on?
      I am going to write either about pursuing STEM careers or about NCAA sports scholarships.

      What type of report are you going to write?
      I am either going to do a traditional essay or a power point.

    When I was young at about ten years old, I was like the chimp from toy story 3,
    instead of playing games I rather watch people play. I would arrive home from my elementary school, straight to my room and w

  •             For weeks leading up to the trip I had been memorizing Thai phrases with a language app I had on my phone. This crash course in travel and culture, I had no doubt, would be a difficult mountain to as

  • My heart was racing and my nerves were on edge I was about to dive into the deep blue ocean for half an hour. I have never been scuba diving before and the ocean floor is going to be below me. Once I dived in,

  • Snitches Aren’t the Only Ones that Get Stitches

    “Why couldn’t you just keep your hands to yourself for once?!” my brother exclaimed.
    My mouth repeatedly failed to relay the words,“I’m so sorry Josh.”


    I recently learned how to start being an adult. I am the last born, the first girl grandchild on both sides, therefore seen as the baby of the family. I never really had to do anything for myself . Up until

  • “Always keep your eyes moving and be cautions of your surroundings “was my mom’s advice as I started to come to age to learn how to drive. While my dad’s advice was always keep eye out for the cops.” I was getti

  • “The Money Game”

    Ever since I had my first job in high school and had a taste for my own money, I have always been interested on how money works and how it can work for me. I have always wanted to learn how

  • The time that I first started driving was the weirdest feeling ever. As a kid, I always walked to school and having the desire to drive always crossed my mind. It was something that I always wanted to do since I


    Have you ever have to use your opposite foot? I did, I had to use my left foot more often as I got older in my style of play in soccer which was a hard thing to do. I’m going to focus on the down falls and al

  •     Have you ever done something that became second nature to you? But have you ever thought at what it took for you to get to that point? Well for me that something was playing soccer. I started playing so

    Thanksgiving Would Never Be the Same Again

    Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year. Probably because I love food, all types of food. I do not discriminate against any type or ethnicity. As a

    Finally, the day came. My supervisor, Miguel, pulled me aside after our morning meeting at work and asked me, “are you ready to drive a cherry picker today?” At first I didn’t know whether to say yes or no

                Everything people have done has always started out with a first time. First time walking

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