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  • Critical comes from the Greek word krinein, meaning “to separate, to choose”; above all, it implies conscious inquiry (4).

    Conscious also means to be awake or aware. This suggests that by examining our r

    • My beliefs have been shaped from birth because they are a direct reflection of my parents’ beliefs and the beliefs of those around me during my upbringing. Where I was born, the time period, my race, my family, etc.; all play a role in determining the way that I think and the ideals and norms that I have been accustomed to and adopted. An even scarier thought is that all of these variables are entirely out of my control yet they are the most dominant deciding factors in defining the person that I am today.

    • How have my beliefs been shaped from birth?
      Well it comes to a sense of super ego where you learn so much from people you have grown close to. Those people shape the way you view certain aspects on life and how you may perceive certain ways of believing. Some might be more opened to certain ways of thinking depending on how they were raised/taught.

    • How have my beliefs been shaped from birth. Basically, somebody told me their experience about something, and their beliefs. I will just ignore what they said until I made mistake, then I will remember what they have told me long time ago.

    • Overall I think we all have different beliefs and that’s because we are all raised differently and I think that depends from what kind of religion you are but we all kind of have the same morals. I think that for me my beliefs have changed from birth and I think that has to do with everything I see on social media. Most of my family is religious and therefore believe in the bible and I think that really influences them on how they think, but because I am younger I am able to view things in a different perspective.

    • My beliefs have strongly influenced my life. I am a Christian and I morally believe in loving everyone and showing everyone respect. Everyone generally has a good heart but we aren’t perfect and we make bad decisions/judgements. Since I am a Christian I believe we are born in to sin but that doesn’t mean we aren’t good people. I was taught that there are people that aren’t as fortunate as I am or that are ignorant to a lot of things.

    • My beliefs have been shaped from birth with almost everything I still believe in. Mostly with the idea of God and my political stance. I do not remember a time where I didn’t know of God since I was raised catholic and I still do believe in him and as I grew up my beliefs were shaped politically. I heard what my parents were telling me and heard their opinions that they shared with me and to this day I still agree with them on that.

    • My mother has raised my up to believe that women are independent. We can do anything on our own if we put our mind to it and we don’t have to rely on a man for support. She would always tell me to do good in school so that I can get a good education and make a decent living. As a little girl I would work hard at school to make my mom proud. Now that I am 19 I strive to achieve and maintain a 4.0 GPA so that I can graduate. I still hold true to the belief that I can sustain on my own and live comfortably.

    • My beliefs have been shaped from birth because of my family, people around me, and personal experiences I have been through since birth. From the moment that I was born words of god where whispered in my ear. My parents have been teaching me and the rest of my siblings everything we need to know about islam and how to be a good muslim since as young as we could comprehend. Non-religious wise my beliefs about the world and people around me was also taught and shaped in the sense that i used to look at people and life the way that my parents did. The thing that shaped me the most was the morals that i wast taught. Those where taught to me every single day for 16 years so now they are a part of me. For example, through words of wisdom or discipline i have been molded into the person i am today.

    • How have my beliefs been shaped from birth?
      My beliefs have been shaped by having parents that were Christian and it kind of set me up to be a Christian and follow that religion. Also the culture that determines who we are and what we become.

    • My belief system has always been Christianity since I was born. In addition, the way it has shaped my life is the influence and exposure from parents teaching me guidance and morals to be a subordinate kid to their authority and read and apply what Jesus teaches in his word. For instance, I would not explore other belief systems because I do not find it adequate enough for my life, therefore I do not involve myself in them. Yes, my parents religious beliefs were a huge influence on my life, however, it is shaped by discernment and intuition on how I feel and how I apply it to my everyday life.

    • 4. In the beginning of my life I thought all of my beliefs were true; such as my political views, religious views, and several other social norms. However, the older I got the more I realized a lot of my beliefs were biased. Until I faced a lot of obstacles throughout my life, I started to second guess my pre-existing beliefs. Things like believing in the justice system and having faith that they would always search for justice, became very untrue to me. Realizing that the justice system is just another social institution that discriminates against blacks. My political beliefs have also shifted with the older I got, I used to believe I was a democrat because my mom was a democrat, however as I got older and started to see how political actually work I realized I am in the middle and I don’t have a specific political party I belong to. These and several other strong beliefs I had are constantly changing; which tells me that nothing is certain.

    • My beliefs have been shaped through what my parents do and what they have taught me as I grew up. My parents passed down what they believed and a lot of that came from the Indian culture and everyday life of India. They moved here when they were about my age so they didn’t get to grow up in the American culture all they got do here was work and then raise two kids. A lot of what I learned of the American culture was through TV and when I was old enough school. School has influenced what my beliefs are and how I think and how I perform certain actions. Most of youth is spent at school and doing school activity’s so that’s what really makes you who you are.

    • Since I could remember my family has really only pushed their religious beliefs on me especially growing up in a Catholic home, there were certain “rules” i had to follow and things I couldn’t do. Other than that my parent are actually very open minded people when it comes to personal beliefs, but if its a topic pertaining to politics It’s something they actually dont like to bring up as much just to avoid controversy at home.

    • How have my beliefs been shaped from birth?
      My family wasn’t big on the religious views that some families have and therefore my views on a higher power are different than others. If my family would’ve focused their teachings on believing in a religion and having me learn more about it than maybe I would’ve had a different opinion on the subject. I don’t believe that it is wrong for people to believe in a certain matter that is different than mine, but I feel that if they are blindly believing in something just because it was the way they were raised, than they are not thinking for themselves and following a biased decision.

    • I think that most of my beliefs have been shaped from birth, in that the environment and the people around me have influenced what I thought and the way I thought about them. Some of my values come from what my parents believe and what they have taught me; others come from what I have seen in school or in the community. After you reach a certain age, you start to question whether the beliefs you grew up with are ‘right’ or not and you begin the develop your own beliefs based on your observations. Each person has a different background and upbringing, so we are all bound to have different beliefs.

    • I was born into Christianity from my parents, so my beliefs in life and how I view the world are shaped from Christianity. For some examples I believe we are all equal, we must love others no matter what the circumstance is and forgive them, we only marry opposite sex and etc. Christianity is the main vocal point of my beliefs and aspects of the world.

    • Yes. My beliefs where shaped by Parents, Religion, School, Relationships and other general influences. For example, I was raised as a catholic, but there are some issues that I do not agree on. My beliefs are more based on experience, and things that I am strongly interested in understanding.

    • 4. How have my beliefs been shaped from birth?
      My beliefs from birth have shaped my life in many different ways good and bad because as I gotten older I’ve found myself doing these things that I’ve seen my parents and others do. As I get older some things I have changed because now I am more opened to things that I’ve seen that thought was right but wasn’t right because I am able to recognize the many effects that it has on me as in adult.

  • Comment below with a link to your article or social media post and then respond to it. 
    Look at the use of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. What are they using to convince others? Who is their audience?

    • Journal 1:

      After analyzing both social media posts , this is a prime example of ego centrism. So many contradicting factors and still believing you are right. Donald Trump believes that because he is in “power” anything that the media links is false about him. People believe in factual evidence, credibility, well not all people. In response to his tweets, he really brags about winning. No fake news about Trump has been brought to anyone’s attention just actual evidence that he’s been accused of and been reported for. He claims that the media reports fake news to convince the people that he should stop using social media. Social media is a benefit to a certain extend. Trump as a president should act professional, and not act any celebrity, country, and not demean on any celebrity, country or anybody in general. Not brag about his social status, or how he got to where he is. All in ALL he certainly shouldn’t be on social media if he has nothing good to say.

    • Journal 1:
      The article that I read is “The jobs we’ll lost to machines-and the ones we won’t.” The article discussed how the machine will use algorithm to take over the job that have frequently and high volume tasks and what opportunity does human have in the future . He used many Logic evidence to prove why does machine can take over these jobs such as Doctor, Accounting, or even grading essay etc. The article doesn’t have many emotion involve, because the author is just showing the facts. The audience of this presentation will be for the future entrepreneur, parents, and child. because at the end, the author gave the audience some hope and the talk about the opportunity that human can be stay ahead of the machines, is to bring new challenge everyday. The machine can not do something that has no data behind it. But human has the ability to deal with the situation that they never seen before.

      In this article Trevor Noah, who is a comedian, talks about Trumps controversial statement about a soldier who died in war. He said, ” I’m sure he knew what he signed up for.” Logically people who are Trump supporters are trying to make it look like it wasn’t a big deal. Saying he didn’t mean it but a lot of people are offended by his words. Whether he meant nothing but good wishes, he is the President of the United States and he is suppose to appeal to the people. Throughout Trumps campaign and presidency he has persuaded a lot of people to vote for him, and then once he became president he has persuaded a lot of people that they have made the wrong decision. Specific ethnic cultures are feeling targeted by his words and feel discriminated against. In the article Trevor Noah uses pathos in a comedic form but also a serious form so people understand what’s happening in a America.

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