Artifact Narrative

  1. Christopher williams 11 months ago

    Chris Williams
    English 1A
    Professor Ramos
    Turning a wrench
    When I was 7 I learned how to turn a wrench. It all started when my amazing father decided to take me to work with him. It could have also been because my mom was working that morning. It was a Friday morning and we were on the 10 freeway heading towards riverside where my father automotive shop was placed. He had me sit in the office with the person that picks up the phones for appointments or other things that relate to cars. While Jeff or Tom (I forgot his name) was on the phone, I sneaked behind the desk to go and find my father. I was walking until I got to bay 3 where my dad was working. He saw me and instead of telling me to go back to the office; he picked me up and put me on top of the car. When I was on top of the car I was so intrigue of all of the car components. He then started to explain the little things here and there. As what an alternator and a water pump was etc. I was still young so I didn’t understand very much, but what I did understand was him turning a wrench. He first showed me how it was done, then he let me try it myself. At that very moment, I was 7 and learned how to turn a wrench for my first time.

    • Francisco Enriquez 11 months ago

      Francisco Enriquez
      English 1A
      August 17, 2017
      Pokémon Platinum is Golden

      My artifact is my favorite Pokémon game. Pokémon Platinum, it has a huge impact on me throughout my life. It was the game that I had spent over 600 hours on and the game that made me want to achieve my most personal goal, to develop and create video games. The character of the game amazed me, drove me to draw even more than I ever have. It helped my creative side with my own personal comics and painting. To this day I still play it and adore it, it’s has and always will be a beautiful masterpiece in my mind.

  2. Joey Rueff 11 months ago

    So the picture I chose was a HMMWV and why it was important to me. Just by looking at a HMMWV it reminds me of the very first time I learned how to drive. I was very nervous since I had no Driver’s License at the time nor experience driving any mechanical vehicle. I had a horrible first start with the brake. I would freak out about going too fast and would slam on the brake scaring the living soul out of the Sergeant that was yelling at me. Honestly it was like that for like the first hour or so. I learned pretty slow and he realized that but strangely after that first hour passed I was driving around in a heavy, powerful military vehicle like a professional.

  3. So my artifact are purple chopsticks. I bought these to help me continue being able to train and use chopsticks anytime. Before, when I was a kid, I always remember that there was a specific day where we would go to the cafeteria and they would hand us a pair of disposable chopsticks. They would try to help us learn on how to use them. Growing up I was fascinated by them that I always wanted to use them every time I was eating. I bought myself chopsticks so every time that I would eat any type of Asian food or noodles I would be able to use chopsticks and not look like a fool. My friends now buy me chopsticks because they see that I appreciate them very much and use them all the time.

  4. Austin Mudd 11 months ago

    My best essay was a research paper on Joshua tree during my geology two class. The paper was simple, just talk about what you learned on the trip. What was your favorite part, your least favorite part. I chose this as my best essay not because it was my best when it comes from an academic perspective, but because it was visiting an area that would act as good practice for my future degree in Geology.

    Artifact Introduction
    My artifact is a small rock from my trip to Joshua tree during my geology two class. The rock is a quartz found in an area along with more like it. My artifact does not really bring up any special memories nor does it insight any specific feelings. It’s more of a reminder on what my future goals are, why I am pursuing further education.

  5. Vanessa Lisner 11 months ago

    My best essay was actually a research paper that I wrote in my AP English class during my junior year of high school. I was focusing on the topic of euthanasia and was forced to either agree or disagree with the practice. In my opinion, this was my best paper by far due to the fact that I did about a month of pure research before writing a single word. In addition, I was expected to debate with another student in front of the class for a grade. This caused me to do tons of research in fear of losing the debate and it really showed throughout my paper. Every argument or claim was fully supported by reliable sources and the paper just flowed overall.

    The artifact I brought in to class today was a photo of myself on my first day of kindergarten. This photo relates to the literacy narrative I’m going to write because it represents adaptation to change. As a five-year-old, my life previous to starting kindergarten consisted solely of spending time with my parents and playing with my toys. With this in mind, I was a pretty sheltered child. This changed when I started my first day of kindergarten. As I looked around the classroom I saw many different kids with very different cultures and values and it amazed me. At first it seemed a little bit intimidating being around so many new and different people, however as the days went by I learned that change wasn’t a bad thing at all. It taught me that being in one room with thirty children with completely different minds allowed us to grow off of each other’s thoughts and practices. Being in classrooms my whole life where I was surrounded by so many diverse children has impacted me in such a positive way and allows me to be exposed to and learn new ideas and lessons continuously.

  6. Brandon Carr 11 months ago

    My artifact is a photo of me at an early age in football gear. At the instruction of the photographer, I was bowed down on one knee, and looking intensely into the camera—or as intensely as I could at that age. I was a lanky kid. Skin and bone, so I didn’t look like much. I looked as though a burst of wind would knock me over. Although I didn’t look it, I was strong. Football wasn’t something that I was all that interested in, but I did it because my father and grandfather continuously urged me to play sports. And let’s be honest, what kid at that age has any say in what they do on a daily basis? Growing up when I did, no kid I knew did. So, week after week, we’d line up on the field and stretch out while the opposing team ran drills to prepare for the game we were about to play. Captains would make their way onto the field, the coin would be flipped, and sides would be chosen. Kick off.

  7. Lynn Son 11 months ago

    What was your best essay? Why?
    The best essay that I’ve written was my autobiographical essay about my father. The reason why this was my best essay is because it was the most critiqued essay I’ve written. I was able to express how I felt during my father’s passing and correct my mistakes that I was critiqued on. It was a topic I was able to work with it easily because the information was fresh in my mind. The critique and feedback I received from my professor and peers helped me improve and perfect it.

    Artifact Narrative
    The artifact that I brought to class are pictures from when I was a “flower girl” and from when I was a “bridesmaid” in a Cambodian (Khmer) style wedding for 2 of my brothers. When I was younger as “flower girl” I didn’t really understand what to do so I don’t really remember much of it. As I got older and became a “bridesmaid” I became more interested in my culture and wanted to learn more about it. The way weddings worked and what goes into it, the week long process of ceremonies and what to do, accepting blessings, the beautiful outfit changes and what each outfit represents, the religious aspect of it (Buddhism) and meeting/greeting the families and showing respect to the elderly and the monks. I was able to experience what it was like to be part of a Cambodian style wedding and it made me want to have this type of traditional wedding in my future one day.

  8. Samantha Chavez 11 months ago

    A week after my 21st birthday, I found out I was pregnant. The process for me was nerve-wrecking at first but as I continued my pregnancy I eventually started to learn a lot about the first stages of motherhood. First steps when finding out about my pregnancy was to go to the doctors. There that’s when they gave me an estimate on how far along I was and an estimate on the due date. From there I had to learn a lot on taking care of myself and my new growing baby. For example, there were things I had to stop consuming to ensure the safety of my child. And there were things I needed to consume for my child. And other things I could and could not do as well. And there was a bunch of things I had to prepare for my new baby. I had to get her clothes ready and washed and set up her room. And when it got closer to her due date I needed to learn the right breathing techniques, how to push and how to stay calm. After her birth there were more things to learn like how to breastfeed, learning what different cries meant and other signals to look out for.

  9. Nicole Robles 11 months ago

    The best essay that I think I have written was my persuasive paper. I had to write this paper for my speech communication class that I took in spring of 2017. I feel that this was my best paper written because it meant a lot to me and also I feel like I was able to actually persuade the people who read my essay. I wrote this paper on why it is important to donate your hair to cancer patients instead of donating to the floor or the trash! I worked really hard on it I did a lot of research and I also had to do a speech presentation on it. I also cut my long hair and donated it to a cancer foundation called Wigs for kids and gave my presentation with my photos of my hair being cut and donated.

    I brought in an artifact to class which is a picture that I printed from google. I printed a picture that basically shows stepping stones on how to accomplish something. The reason I brought this artifact to class is because it represents what I am going to be writing about for my narrative. I am going to talk about how I had to learn to be independent at a very young age. I was young and immature and had no idea of how to be independent and responsible. I will also be explaining what I went through and about the steps I took that helped me to be the person that I am today.

  10. Edwin Gutierrez 11 months ago

    What was your best essay? Why?
    My best essay that I have written is my final essay I had to write for my senior English class. This paper was about analyzing a theme three different stories had in common. I analyzed the theme of love in the stories the Giver, Minority report and Brave New World. I felt that this was the best essay I have written because I was able to show how love influenced the characters to do what they did. I showed how love was what influenced the character’s action. As I wrote this essay I was able to get enough information to back up all my main points.

    Artifact Narrative
    My artifact is my white belt I got in karate. My white belt is the first belt that is received in karate. When I was first that I was told that I was going to join karate I was about six years old. At first I was not to excited about the idea, but my mom convinced me to join. My brother joined with me and my mom left us alone with my sister while she went to the gym. I started crying a couple of minutes into the class, and was set aside from the class. As time went by I was getting more used to the idea of karate, and learned that karate is not about fighting it is about self-defense. At the day I was doing the exam to receive my white belt I tried my best, and at the end of the exam we were sitting down and some of the teachers that were grading our performance were leaving our belts on the floor. Then mine and about five other kids had our belts removed from in front of us, and told we had failed the exam. My eyes got watery and I wanted to cry, but then the teachers told us that they were just joking, and we had done the best from everyone. I learned two things from this experience which where how to defend myself, and that I should not judge anything before trying it because I never know how good I will be at it.

  11. Jennifer Escorsia 11 months ago

    Last semester in my English 475 class I had to write an essay. I chose my topic to be about the different types of coworkers there are. All this idea came to mind when I was working in a pastry and had an argument with one of the girls that works there. For some reason she just didn’t like me and we made our lives and work impossible whenever we had to work together. All this made me realize that there is many different types of coworkers, which really incourage me to write about it. I had so many things to say about here and all the situation, so I feel I got everything out and that’s what made it so good.

    My artifact is a picture of food I made. I brought this artifact because it has a meaningful story to me. I had to learn how to cook basically because I don’t leave with my mom anymore. This picture reminds me of how much I miss and appreciate my family, but most important how I learned to become an adult and to leave by represent the hard times I had to go through, yet at the end I was able to overcome all the obstacles.I had to work and go to school, yet because of all this I appreciate things more and think twice about things.

  12. Shalveen Singh 11 months ago

    My artifact is a picture of a henna design and how I learned how to do henna tattoos. When I was in elementary school I learned how to draw and I would usually go to the library and check out books on how to learn how to draw. Though I learned how to draw many things what really stood out to me was henna tattoos. However, in the modern culture today everyone gets henna tattoos whether you go to a fair or a party they have a henna artist as well as maybe face painting. I was interested in henna tattoos not only because of being able to create henna designs at a party of fair but because of how henna plays a role in the Indian culture and traditions. For example, the bride usually gets henna done and it is known that if the tattoo comes out dark their significant other loves them a lot but if the tattoo is light then their significant other does not have much love towards them. By finding this out I was more interested in the different designs one may have for the weddings and now within my work I now incorporate the traditional design and any sort of tattoo you would find online. From learning how to draw a small flower to now a detailed drawing of an Indian bride to tribal tattoos. I can say that I have learned a lot throughout my henna skills but as society and culture changes I am learning more and more every day. I still have a lot to learn with henna designs and there will always be room for improvement.

  13. David Van Osdel 11 months ago

    In my opinion the best essay I have written was a research paper on steroid abuse in sports. I wrote this paper as part of a research and debate project my junior year of high school. The essay I composed was very informative filled with facts and quotes from both doctors and athletes alike. Since I was a high school athlete and I knew people struggling with the idea of using the juice, it was my duty to inform them to the best of my ability of the dangers. So for that reason I felt this was more than a research paper rather a chance for me to change my friend’s minds before doing something regretful.

    This watch is a symbol of a had a choice to make. I was working at a retail store when I first tried going to EMT school. Unfortunately, as hard as I studied I failed out. I was skeptical about returning to the program for the possibility of failing yet again. One morning while at work a man came into my store, who’s actions changed my life forever. Someone shouted for help and I was the first one to see what was the matter. A man was on floor near death bleeding out, I had two choices, run away or do what I had learned and try to save him. I decided that this man deserved my best efforts and I attempted everything within my limit. It was after looking down at my bloodied watch I realized i made the right decision.

  14. Brandon Obando 11 months ago

    The Artifact that I brought when I had a autism since I was in elementary. I didn’t really like it when I had autism which it consider a curse to me. I wasn’t very social and all alone and I had stuttering problems. I had a speech therapy, It was good learning experiences. Now I have approve my speech and social skills. But I felt good to have my parents to take of me and help me get better. People thought I wasn’t unable to graduated in high school but I was able to graduated which I have approve them wrong. However I still have a lot to learn become adult. I need to have good listening and no stuttering problems.

  15. jazmyn valdez 11 months ago

    My artifact

    When I was ten years old my family and I went to Santa Monica Pier, being me I was terrified of heights, so any roller coaster or ride that was a certain height I would not ride it. We were walking into the amusement park when my brother started to run towards a giant roller coaster. I looked at my mom and gave her a look of slight fear. I told her that I didn’t want to go on the ride, and she looked back at me and told me that if I didn’t get on the ride that I was going to be grounded and for the rest of the night I would not be able to get on any other rides. So I started to walk towards the ride, and I got a rumbling empty feeling, my hands began to sweat and I began to burp. Me and my brother finally make it to the front of line, as we get on the ride all I could think about was the movie “Final Destination” . I was scared out my mind, the ride had started to make its way to a high peak and I realize that it is actually not that bad, until my brother started to taunt me. I started crying and the ride had began to slow down, there was a flash and before I knew it the ride was over. We get off the ride and one of the employee’s hands me a picture while laughing I take a glimpse at the photo and my cheeks turned red. My mom grabs the picture and started to laugh, it was me crying and sobbing. Till this day I keep that photo in my wallet and it actually helped me get over roller coasters.

  16. jazmyn valdez 11 months ago

    What was your best essay? Why?

    My best essay that I ever written was an autobiography about my grandmother.

    The autobiography was hard but came easy at the same time, being that I grew up with

    my grandmother but hard because there were heartfelt things that she has gone

    through that I was able to write about. It not only opened my eyes to many things but It

    was inspiring knowing that she has been through alot but was able to fight and become

    a stronger and better person. It was a four-page autobiography, and I was only given

    two days. I had gone through 3 drafts, in also which my teacher was able to revise and

    give me feedback.

  17. Samantha Chavez 11 months ago

    Also my artifacts are pictures of my ultrasounds from the first couple months.

  18. Aubrie Rudder 11 months ago

    My best essay was written about my grandparents’ house. it was my best because I described how it is just an average, worn out house with tumbleweeds surrounding it but it is also seen as a second home to the people who visit
    My artifact is a skateboard because it tells a story about the time I taught myself how to skate on a dirt road in Arizona. When i was 9 years old i really wanted to know how to skateboard but i didn’t know anyone who could teach me. In this case, I decided to go out to the dirt road in front of my house and teach myself. This process was much easier than I expected it to be.

  19. Michaela 11 months ago

    My Map Artifact
    The layout of Six Flags Magic Mountain is just one big circle. Literally walking to the right or left in anywhere in the park would have led you back at the park entrance, however, to a five or six-year-old whose lost Six Flags was as vast as the Earth. I had to grow up pretty fast and learn how to navigate through a sea of people and colors to find my way to the Lost and Found. The map legend in an anxious lost child’s mind was pretty much trying to connect all of the dots of a conspiracy. The Six Flags map was my saving grace on that day because who knows what would’ve happen if I never learned how to navigate.

  20. Charizma Hernandez 11 months ago

    It was my senior year and I have never been enrolled into an Advanced Placement class. I wasn’t aware of the consequences, all the assignments, and the best part of them all, the essays. Especially one in particular. Out of all the years I have been in school, I have never read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn until my senior year and I never thought it was satire. There were several articles handed to us that were satire. After reading all of them and observing them, so we were finally ready to write an essay. The topic for the essay was satire. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of satire. Sounds evil, yet has a brilliant message behind it. I wrote about children’s behavior. The speaker talked about throwing children into a facility where they are brainwashed and tortured until they learned to behave.

    The artifact that I brought to class is a picture of my mom, dad, and I probably when I was just a year old. Sadly, this isn’t the exact artifact I was intending to bring, but it will do. The picture I had in mind was of my mom and I on a Christmas card. I asked her why dad wasn’t in it. Then she told me that during that time, her and my dad broke up over something she couldn’t remember. But then I thought to myself, “Why is she with him then if all they ever did was fight with one another?” I asked her why she is still with him and she said, “Because of you. I didn’t want you to grow up to think that your dad is a bad person, which he isn’t. And I never wanted you to grow up saying that my dad isn’t here or I don’t know what my dad was for a living.” I had no idea. I just stared at her, blubbering like a baby. “That’s why your dad and I went to couple’s therapy and counseling. We wanted to be together for you.” This was the exact day I realized that I had never really appreciated my parents for what they have done for me. Now, I have never felt so blessed to have both of my parents with me and that they have my back. That’s why I always appreciate the little things in life, because I know that not all people get to go home to that.

  21. Merneeta Romero 11 months ago

    August 17,2017

    When I wrote my first essay and why it is my favorite.
    I wrote my best essay when I was in 6th grade. I thought it was the best because it was my first, and it was about women having a voice for themselves. This essay motivated and inspired me in so many ways. In the town that I grew up all the houses were literally a stone throw away and people had no shame arguing and fighting out loud for everyone to hear. Constantly id hear couples arguing and have witnessed my neighbor getting bullied and hit by her disgusting boyfriend. This made me mad because she never stood up for herself. I saw this all the time but as I child I couldn’t do anything about it so I wrote my first essay. I got a 98% and I went to her house later and allowed her to read it. She broke down in tears and a week later she left him. It’s my favorite because I thought it helped someone, and taught me a lot about self-worth and being able to have voice for myself.

    Artifact introduction!
    My artifact is a picture of two girls cooking together. This reminded me of my sister and I, and how passionate I was about cooking at an early age. Everything about food intrigues me and being able to actually prepare any meal from scratch was priceless. My mom taught me to cook at 6yrs old but I’d always be in the kitchen during most of our meal preparations. My sister who is two years younger than I am is also very passionate about cooking. We’d always try to compete against each other and my mom would judge our meals. Learning to cook meant that we spent hours in the kitchen together and that was also our way of bonding.

  22. Alexander Cristobal 11 months ago

    My artifact is as old the earth because it is! It is nature itself. I like to hike and enjoy the scenery and all of her plants and animals. What I like most of all I like to reconnect with the earth and her frequency. It is also a form of medicine and meditation. It can help relieve stress and depression. Nature is wonderful because I believe it can help the body. Its also so breath taking and beautiful. You can see magical places on earth that seems like it’s a different planet. Our Earth is truly so spectacular, it had to be in the perfect location with the correct elements to create life. The elements are also part of nature too. We are all connected through biology and there would be no biology without nature. Science, nature, and art should be in harmony, which at this time its not!!!

  23. Samantha Rodriguez 11 months ago

    My best essay was a 500 worded document explaining what was one thing I hated the most. I was able to write anything that I wanted to, and it was my best essay because it was private and I was able to express myself without having to talk. I received a good grade on it because my teacher loved how personal it was. My favorite thing about it was that I was able to express my emotions by writing.

    `My artifact is my driver’s license. The reason why I choose to write about is because I never wanted to learn how to drive. I hated the idea of controlling a machine because I thought of all the things that could go wrong. I pictured all kinds of bad things happening to me whenever I sat in the driver’s seat. I always depended on everyone else to do things for me so driving was a big step for me, because if I don’t want to learn something I try my hardest to avoid it. For many people driving isn’t an issue and learning it isn’t an issue, but for me it was. After I had gotten my license, I had a feeling like I’ve never had before. I felt more confident and a lot more independent and I was able to teach myself more than I had already known. And after I had gotten my license, I accomplished more and I trusted myself a lot more to do things that I never wanted to do. For me, getting my driver’s license was one of the things that had made me very proud of myself, that’s why it’s very important to me.

  24. Joseph Apodaca 11 months ago

    Artifact Introduction
    The 2013, Scion fr-s was offered with two transmissions, automatic and manual. From exterior looks the cars are identical, same wheels, same colors, same exhaust, same everything. But inside this low sitting coupe, it’s a slightly different story. Sitting in the center of the cabin you will find either a plastic ball with numbers, each representing a different gear available to the driver, or a plastic ball with nothing on it. This and an extra pedal are the only visual differences between both models, but each offers a completely different experience.
    For most, driving is a chore, something that almost each and every one of us has to learn and then do for the rest of our lives (until self-driving cars are widespread). Driving used to exemplify freedom, but overtime it has become the exact opposite of that. We are shackled to four wheel and slaves to gas pumps. But that black numbered ball has the ability to break those shackles.

  25. dezara burrell 11 months ago

    The cane that I have from three years ago from a school for the blind in Albeny. Before visiting the school, I was taught how to use a white cane which only took only two months. I learned the different techniques for two different types of the white cane. The one that I currently use is the one with the ball roller at the end of it the other one is the regular white cane. The techniques that you use for the white cane works for both of the canes

  26. Edwin Gutierrez 11 months ago

    My Literacy Sponsor
    My Literacy sponsor was my karate teacher. When I was just joining karate I was scared of being around so many people. As time went by my teacher taught me how to loose fear, and he taught me also how to defend myself. Karate is used for self-defense not for picking a fight with random people. My teacher taught me different moves and techniques to use in different situations when fighting.

  27. Lynn Son 11 months ago

    Literacy Sponsor
    My literacy sponsor is myself and my siblings. I have 10 nieces and nephews and having the opportunity to be a part of their lives and helping with raising a most of them by babysitting has been a great joy. It has taught me what to expect when I first have a child of my own one day and given me the experience of what it will be like to be a parent. Especially when it comes to time management, learning the new habits and growth of a child, different ways of teaching a child and setting them through school, and how to work together with your spouse to be able to take care of them.

  28. Nicole Robles 11 months ago

    Literacy Sponsor
    My literacy sponsor is myself and my older cousin. When I was 3 months old my parents gave me to my grandparents. And as many of you know grandparents love to spoil their adorable grandchildren. So that was me I was always being spoiled and got whatever I wanted. But as I got older it was not such a good thing and started getting trouble at school a lot. So, growing I didn’t have parents to help guide me and give me structure on how to become a responsible. I had to teach myself and learn how to be on my own with some help from my cousin as I got older.

  29. Nicole Robles 11 months ago

    Literacy Sponsor
    My literacy sponsor is myself and my older cousin. When I was 3 months old my parents gave me to my grandparents. And as many of you know grandparents love to spoil their adorable grandchildren. So that was me I was always being spoiled and got whatever I wanted. But as I got older it was not such a good thing and started getting trouble at school a lot. So, growing up I didn’t have parents to help guide me and give me structure on how to become responsible and independent. I had to teach myself and learn how to be on my own with some help from my cousin as I got older.

  30. Merneeta Romero 11 months ago

    August 18,2017


    My literacy sponsor is my mom. She is the most honest and forth coming teacher I couldn’t be any more grateful to have. The way she taught and demonstrated is so raw and unedited, anyone would learn and definitely out do themselves, because she’s a perfectionist and requires nothing less than maximum effort. Cooking is amongst the many things she taught me and I have always been trying to meet all her expectations, in doing so I didn’t realize that she only wanted me to do my best and not settle for mediocrity. Whenever I made a mistake she’d tell me to do it multiple times till I was happy with the result. She helped me to set expectations for myself and is always very honest with her critiques. Having someone like her with that type of attitude and passion has helped me tremendously with accepting responsibility, turning a negative outcome into a positive, having patience in order to persevere and developing a backbone for criticism.

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