Class 3/30 Quick Write

  1. Ethan Vermeersch 1 year ago

    Chips- The ideas that Park likes Eleanor a more than Eleanor likes Park.
    Salsa- Quotes and evidence proving that Eleanor may not feel the same way about Park.

  2. jaime rodriguez 1 year ago

    The point of the chips and salsa is to get the right amount of salsa on the chips. You never want to give any less or anymore. That being said you always want the right amount so it can be a great essay.

  3. Cristian 1 year ago

    the chips and salsa to my essay are that i will be talking about body image. What if Eleanor wasn’t “the big girl” would she still have been bullied? Also how body image then and now are different. What if Eleanor lived in the era would she be treated differently at school?

  4. Claudia Raymond 1 year ago

    The chips to my essay is poverty and how it affects adolescents and others around them. The salsa is the book “Eleanor & Park.”

  5. The chips and salsa for my assignment will be:
    1. how scared Eleanors mom to do anything that will upset Richie
    2. the kids usually run to their room once he gets home
    3. he complains about having to support the family but spends all the money on alcohol, even when they can’t afford food

  6. mperez 1 year ago

    the chips in this assignment are all the argumentative points i will be making throughout the report and the salsa are all the examples and quotes i can get from the book to help with my points.

  7. alma cendejas 1 year ago

    for my essay i’m going to write about Eleanor’s self issues with herself and bulling. So my chips would be the reasons why she left and my salsa would be fact and scenes from the book that showed and backed up why she was like that.

  8. Brooke Van Noy 1 year ago

    -Park loves Eleanor more
    -Eleanor can’t love Park the way he does because of her family background
    -Eleanor doesn’t love herself enough to love someone else
    -Quotes from Chapter 53 when Park drops off Eleanor
    -Background information from my sources

  9. Michelle Nelson 1 year ago

    My Theory is that Eleanor does not know how to love because of how she has been raised in her family. She does not know how to love Park back in return and that is way she ends it with him. One of the examples of this is her never opening up her letters from him and eventually letting him go.

  10. Jaclyn Smith 1 year ago

    -How Domestic Violence in Eleanor’s house hold affects her feelings towards Park.
    -Eleanor doesnt know what “love” is
    -Eleanor cant love anyone until she learns how to love herself.

    -Quotes from Chapter 30 something…
    Where Mindy does a makeover for Eleanor
    -Chapter 55
    Richie looking for Eleanor

  11. Alex L. 1 year ago

    Chips- The idea that body image is based on outside influence like media.
    Salsa-Quote and example about body image and appearance that effect many people for years from the book or outside sources.

  12. Kymberlie Starkey 1 year ago

    The chips for my assignment are the idea that the lack of love and abuse happening in Eleanor’s home lead her to have difficulty in showing affection with Park. The salsa is her never saying I Love You back to Park, Richie being abusive to her mother, her father leaving the family and getting a new family, and how other kids are mean to her.

  13. Varsenik 1 year ago

    I am going to write a new chapter, chapter 59 (author extension), and my main point is love. I want to make a happy ending. I would explain and argue why I think in that way.

  14. D.ellis 1 year ago

    For my analysis the I plan to compare Eleanor and Park’s family models, specifically Richie and Park’s dad. The comparison of this would be the “chips”. For the “salsa” I plan to use scenes when Eleanor and Park discuss or think about their relationships with their dad. For example, the first scene I’m using is when Eleanor and Ben are sitting on the swings talking about Ben’s relationship with Richie and his use of the word dad.

  15. PJH 1 year ago

    the chips and salsa in my assignment are:
    Explaining Park’s reaction to the postcard and thoughts,
    and explaining what he feels and his reaction with more in depth explanation.

  16. Nickolas Ayala 1 year ago

    The chips in my essay is about Eleanor being so love blind and the fact that shes somehow scared to open up to someone due to her lack of attention and mental abuse that is happening at home. The salsa of my essay is her drifting away sometimes and never saying i love you or having sexual relations with him due to her step dad, her appearance, and the way she views life.

  17. Acruz3 1 year ago

    chips and salsa in my essay are about how Eleanor doesn’t know what love is and cant love because she never really learned how so she doesn’t even know what it is

  18. holly m tellez 1 year ago

    My analysis of chips and salsa in comparison to the book is abuse and emotional impact. Eleanor has too much turmoil and abuse (her chips) and Park is her happy place (her salsa). She is learning how to overcome and create balance in her life. Therefore I am creating an epilogue. I want to create a balance for her and some stability.

  19. Natalie 1 year ago

    Chip).Eleanor and park are infatuated and experience their first adolescent love
    Salsa). They feel like no one else would compare to each other and later start getting to “2nd base,” which can start to roots of a relationship because they start to focus on intimate affection.

    Chip). Sabrina and Richie are in an abusive relationship
    Salsa). Richie likes to be in control and has a bad temper. He fired a gun to scare of men and scared Eleanor which lead to her calling the cops. Sabrina later tells Eleanor to lie and say it was mistake, covering for Richie. Sabrina is afraid to defend her kids and herself and avoids to get on Richie’s bad side.

    Chip) Jaime and Mindy are in a healthy relationship.
    Salsa) They are very affectionate towards each other and know how to communicate with each respectfully. they aren’t afraid to voice their feelings and concerns to each other because they can lean on each other and have trust.

  20. Melody Estay 1 year ago

    Chip:)growing up in a broken home
    Salsa:)makes it hard for someone to open up or even to trust new people
    Chip:)if someone cant love themselves how can they love someone else?
    salsa:)Eleanor might have loved park but she didn’t know how to show that because she was never shown what love was.

  21. Karen B 1 year ago

    Chip.) Eleanor coming from a poor family to falling in love with someone wealthy
    Salsa.) park comes into her life to better her and to support her through the hard times

    Chip.) eleanor dresses very poorly
    salsa.) park’s mom is a beauty stylist ans fixes her up

  22. Gabriel De Leon 1 year ago

    The chips and salsa in my analysis is the time Eleanor and Park had the opportunity to have sex and explaining the potential reasons as to why Park didn’t want to.

  23. allison lopez 1 year ago

    I am going write about how her relationship with park is difficult because of her family background

    quotes and examples of domestic violence etc.

  24. Guadalupe Rodriguez 1 year ago

    the chips to my assignment will be introducing a new chapter as to why Eleanor said three long words and why she left us curious.
    the salsa: is adding a happy ending.

  25. Belen Acosta 1 year ago

    The chips and salsa in my analysis is how the households of Eleanor and Park are so different, yet outside of their homes they are both misfits making them compatible for one another.

  26. Stephanie Vargas 1 year ago

    I am going to talk about how Eleanor and Park are courageous.
    Park stood up to the bully and Eleanor left Park.

  27. a.robles 1 year ago

    My chips and salsa is going to be how Eleanor has abandonment issues. I’m going to back it up on how I think she has trust issues towards Park and how she has a type of moody attitude towards Park over any little compliment he gives her. I believe Eleanor has abandonment issues because her father left her when she was very young. So its now effecting her in her relationship towards Park.

  28. Olivia Hernandez 1 year ago

    The chips to my essay will be my argument that Eleanor’s body image and self esteem is what causes most of the problems in their relationship. My salsa would be the different examples form the book that support this.

  29. jchiquito 1 year ago

    The chips in my report will be the statistics and evidence of how domestic violence affects children. I will write about how Eleanor was exposed to domestic violence and how it made her emotionally broken and is not capable of having a normal relationship with Park. The salsa will be examples in the book when Eleanor is being verbally abused by her stepfather.

  30. Econatzer 1 year ago

    My chips and salsa is based on the love and how the household environment. How Eleanor’s father is always yelling and fighting with her family. So she isn’t able to completely show Park that she cares about him but then also in some scenes Eleanor is being rude to Park for almost no reason. Example, Park wasn’t grounded anymore and he was excited to tell her but she was ignoring him the whole day and he had a hard time understanding why.

  31. Matt Dowser 1 year ago

    Chips: How Eleanor has a difficult time being in a hopeful relationship with Park because of her abandonment issues as well as her broken family.

    Salsa: statistics of kids from broken families getting divorces vs kids from traditional families

  32. ShGula 1 year ago

    The chips and salsa in my essay is their relationship, Eleanor and Park’s family, and their love for each other. They went through a lot especially Eleanor. And there’s any light in the end of tunnel for them.

  33. Jamie Snyder 1 year ago

    The chips will be the fact that people that come from different upbringings generally have different ideas on how to live theirs lives. the salsa will be the examples from the book the eleanor and park both say to each other.

  34. Mariah Minera 1 year ago

    Chips : How Society shapes what is the “norm” and what is “out cast ” .the need for acceptence based on society’s definition of norm .
    Salsa: Eleanor doesn’t care how she dresses or looks where as park at first was skeptical to talk to Eleanor because everyone else didn’t accept her

  35. phoebe 1 year ago

    Chips : will be how people in society view you according to your body image
    Salsa : I will use some examples according to what Eleanor experiences as well as sources from the internet

  36. Brianna Haidl 1 year ago

    The chips to my essay is that the idea that Park likes Eleanor more than Eleanor likes Park, the salsa is examples and quotes from the book.

  37. Javier Hinojos 1 year ago

    Chips: Eleanor not understanding how someone can love her due to abuse and her family life.
    Salsa: Various chapters from the book and other sources about abuse, love, and family.

  38. Alexa Schmitt 1 year ago

    I think the chips to my essay would Eleanor because I think she likes Park more than he likes her and I always have too much chip than salsa.

  39. Dyoc 1 year ago

    Chips would be the difference values Park family has compared to Eleanor’s family values
    Salsa – Evidence from the book in the different scenes

  40. Olie Johnson 1 year ago

    Chips: How Eleanor was discriminated against because of her size and clothing style.
    Salsa: Evidence from the book and other sources.

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