Class Revising and Publishing Report

Due Today: Final Draft of Report

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Revising You Own Work

Revise to see the big picture

  • Does the project meet the assignment?
  • Does the project reach its tended audience?
  • Does the project do justice to its subject?

Edit to make the paper flow

  • Is it well organized? Can it be improved?
  • Do you transition from point to point regularly?
  • Is the paper readable? Does it make sense?

Edit to get the details right

  • Is the format correct right down to the details?
  • Are the grammar and mechanics right?
  • Is everything spelled correctly?
  • Did you read it out loud to yourself?
  • Does it represent the appropriate genre? 


Think about on the report-writing process and write a short note about what you learned on from the process.

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your project?
  2. What do you like about the report?
  3. Where did you struggle?
  4. What grade would you assign your report? Why?


  1. Read Chapter 7, Literary Analysis
  2. Read Eleanor & Park [p. 1-68]
  3. Read Chapter 19 and 20
  1. jaime rodriguez 1 year ago

    1. My strength is really covering why gaming isn’t bad. Making the same point over and over and what its benefits are is really my weakness.
    2. How open it was and we had options of choosing how we wanted to do the report.
    3. Starting the PowerPoint and choosing titles and points to back it up
    4. A high C if not a low B. I put my effort into it and I felt like I would give people a different view on why video games are good for you.

  2. Michelle Nelson 1 year ago

    1. Strengths was getting images for my topic. Weaknesses was finding the correct information that fit the way I wanted my report to go.
    2. I liked being able to find new information on something that I want to do the rest of my life.
    3. I struggled in having enough information to be able to fit all 9 slides.
    4. I would assign my grade average to a B because I felt like I can improve and do better but also tried to fit the criteria asked of me.

  3. Cristian 1 year ago

    1. Some strengths of my project are that I did add pictures which helped the reader interested. Weaknesses would probably be that I should’ve maybe added more information on my slides.
    2. I liked about I was able to choose my own topic and the style on how I did my report.
    3. I feel like I struggled on depth of my topic even though I chose it myself.
    4. For my report I feel like I deserve a B- only because I feel like I could’ve done a lot better. Adding more info, more slides, and pictures.

  4. Kymberlie Starkey 1 year ago

    1. The strengths of my project include the use of sources and the explanation of ideas as well as the photos, formatting, and technical features of the paper itself. The weaknesses include the expansion upon those ideas and appearing objective.
    2. I like that the report allowed us the freedom for a topic and for the format, because often classes limit you to a specific topic and format.
    3. I struggled deciding what format and topic to use, and ended up changing my plan a few times because of that.
    4. I would assign my report a B because I did have trouble sounding objective in my writing, however I did use my sources well and hopefully presented all sides of the discussion. I also formatted well and used proper spelling grammar, and images.

  5. Claudia Raymond 1 year ago

    1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your project?
    My strengths would include organization because my paper flowed and transitioned really well. Also, my introduction because I spend the most time on my introduction to state my thesis clearly. My weaknesses would include my depth because i feel like i could’ve done more research on my topic. Also, my conclusion wasn’t so great.
    2. What do you like about the report?
    What I liked about the report is that i got to research a topic I wanted to know more about and learned new things.
    3. Where did you struggle?
    I struggled with finding sources that i actually liked and citing them because I’ve only done one other research report in my life and wasn’t really taught how to do it, but managed to pull through.
    4. What grade would you assign your report? Why?
    I would probably assign myself like a B- or C because i feel that I could’ve put more time and effort into my research and paper. Also, my conclusion wasn’t so great.

  6. Ethan Vermeersch 1 year ago

    1. Strengths- I use a lot of information and explained everything clearly.
    Weaknesses- I need to use more sources.
    2. I liked doing the research and finding out a lot of information that I previously did not know.
    3. I struggled the most with using as many sources as possible in order to get even more information than I had.
    4. I think I deserve a B because I explained everything clearly and used reliable sources, although I could have gathered even more information.

  7. D.ellis 1 year ago

    1. Some of the strong points of my paper are my use of the structure. Using the Wikipedia format I was able to organize my thoughts how I thought a Wikipedia page would be. This created a logical progression of the paper and helped keep my tone professional for the most part. The weakness of my project was having trouble getting sources that could give me the information I wanted. Overall my research skills still need work
    2. I liked finding out more about a field I am interested in and finding things I didn’t know and things that most likely would come up in a class.
    3. Toward the end of my paper I found it hard to discuss certain subjects in an objective tone. I may have used words that are a little biased but I tried to avoid that.
    4. I would give myself at a B level. While I did include many of the criteria my whole paper could be better worded and explained certain concepts that people not used to the terminology could understand. I also felt that I could have used better pictures

  8. 1. The strengths of my project are all the wide variety of information about the topic of my project. I wanted my project to be informative to the reader and I believe that it was. Weaknesses of my project are some of the sources that I used were not academic but they gave real life information from people who have gone into this work field.
    2. What I like about the report is that it helped me with making a decision about the career that I was planning to go into. It helped me find information that I had not thought about looking into before starting this project.
    3. I struggled with finding academic sources. Most of the sources I was able to find were websites talking about this career choice. I was able to use some academic sources by adding research that is done in this field to show the type of work that is involved with this career choice.
    4. The grade I would assign to my report is a B. My report describes the career very well, but I lacked on academic sources because there was not many out there about “rad-tech careers”. The ones I did find were just extra work because I had to describe the type of research that is done in radiology. A rad-technician does not really do everything that a Radiologist (which is where all the research is done) does, so in a way it seemed off topic.

  9. Olie Johnson 1 year ago

    1.) It was easy finding good information and statistics on my report. The problem I struggled with this assignment was that I had trouble tying it all together.
    2.) I like that it was easy finding information for my topic.
    3.) I struggled with thinking of ideas to add to my report.
    4.) I would give my paper a 2 . I feel like I can improve more on organizing my paper

  10. mperez 1 year ago

    1. my strength in my project was the use of imagery and how i was able to define words used throughout my infographic.
    2. what i like about my report is that it catches attention right away and that i got to choose the topic i was more interested on.
    3. i struggled on the depth of information, not knowing how much information was enough especially since it was my first time doing in inforgraphic.
    4. i think i deserve at least a B because i decided to try something new, i added charts, important info about the topic and even a video at the end.

  11. Varsenik 1 year ago

    1. I think I did well by using reliable, scholar sources, presenting the topic deeply, and using MLA format and citations properly. Also, I use images to make my essay complete.
    I think my weaknesses are grammar and word choices.
    2. I liked the report essay because it gave me the option to explore the topic that I am interested in.
    3. I struggled in the beginning when I was choosing my topic for report. After that, difficult part was finding reliable resources and reading them, annotating and paraphrasing.
    4. I think I deserve a B or B+, because I explained everything clearly, I used reliable sources, I used images to make more visual, I believe I presented my essay objectively and deeply.

  12. Alexander_Vaca 1 year ago

    1) The strengths are that i explain really well and i used quite a lot of quotation from my sources. My Weaknesses was not getting my point across at times but i think i fixed everything on my final draft.
    2) I like that my report helped me learn more about GMO’s which i think a lot more people would be interested in this topic because it effects everyone.
    3) I struggled in the beginning because i just didn’t know how to write my first topic but since i changed topics it helped me since there was more resources and such on my topic. I struggled on how i would implement my sources and quotations.
    4)The grade I think i deserve at least a B because I worked very hard on it because i changed my topic half way through. I think i wrote my paper to the best to my Ability.

  13. Matt Dowser 1 year ago

    1. The strength of my project is its organization and its factual evidence, its weakness is its sources, because there are very few experiments testing the subjects due to the difficulty of such an experiment.
    2. I like how the report looks. It looks presentable as well as efficient. Not too many words on a slide, and the font and pictures draw the reader in.
    3. I struggled with finding academic sources, because so far there has only been 2 experiments on the subject, and one of them was proven to be flawed because subjects were tested that had been rolled back and had to recuperate, unknowingly to the researchers.
    4. I believe I deserve an A, because someone who reads/watches my powerpoint without a narrative would be able to explain what the U.S. Army Ranger School is, as well as what its students are subjected to, and will also be able to explain how the selection process effects its students physically, and that is what my report is supposed to do.

  14. Olivia Hernandez 1 year ago

    1) I think the strengths of my project come from the organization of my powerpoint and I feel the weaknesses are in being able to make the report as entertaining as possible
    2) I really liked how we had the freedom to choose the style of the report we would do. That helped me to be more interested in what I was writing about.
    3) I struggled with using my sources effectively and being able to cite things that made sense in the context I was presenting them in.
    4) I feel I deserve either a B or a B+. I felt that it was well organized and I used my citations properly even though I struggled with that at first. However I feel that I could have added more information and was a little more specific with the information I did provide.

  15. Nickolas Ayala 1 year ago

    1) The strengths of my report is the valuable information i provided to my reader and the citations i made to give credit to my author, my weaknesses are probably my structure of the essay and the subjects i talk about in each paragraph.
    2) One thing i like about the report is that i learned alot of information i never knew about it and its a disorder that i personally deal with so i feel like i know more about it.
    3) I struggled with keeping myself in good structure of the essay like i said i feel like some of my information and sources are scattered through out my report.
    4) I feel like i deserve a A- on my report because i took my time to find the right sources, put some valuable information and followed the rubric that was given out. I really enjoyed writing this essay not only because i could relate to what i was talking about but because i learned so much from it.

  16. Mariah Minera 1 year ago

    I believe the strengths on my project is my story of my baby cousin. I believe my weakness is trying to explain some of the aspects of early detection of Trisomy 18 in a way where everyone can understand.I like the fact that i can spread the awareness of Trisomy even though it is rare it is out there and i get to share my baby cousins story.I struggled on having to explain how its detected in words that the avarge person would understand becuase everything was in medical terms.I believe I earned a B because I took a topic that isn’t well known and did my best to explain how and why it occurs in a way everyone can understand thats. I added pictures to give the readers a visual on how the physical characteristics look and help them tie the information together.

  17. phoebe 1 year ago

    The strength of my project is that i think it was a pretty unique topic. The weaknesses of my project was that there was not much research done to it and the research that was done on it was not really tested or verified as true. What I liked about my report is that i learned some facts about the topic. since my report was on sleep deprivation and I suffer from it it gave me some facts about what I can do to prevent things that are happening to me. I struggled in that most all research said basically the same thing. So I couldnt really add some interesting cool facts. I would give my report a b or c just because i put a lot of effort into it. And I tried to explain it the best way possible.

  18. Guadalupe Rodriguez 1 year ago

    1) It was easy finding information about my report because I know about it already but my weakness were not being specific and changing the topic right after a topic instead of adding a lot more information.
    2) I like that my report helped me learned about Alzheimer’s disease and how it’s possible that any person could get it and how to treat the people that actually have this disease.
    3) I struggled with citing and adding more ideas to my power point.
    4) I think I deserve between a B or C because I used reliable sources and made it look as great as possible.

  19. Brianna Brown 1 year ago

    1. I think my strengths in my project is the power point itself. I worked very hard to make it look as nice as i could however i just used key facts when stating information, i know a lot about my subject i just didn’t want to over do it with the information.
    2. I liked that we were able to choose either an essay or a power point. I love to do power points because i find it easier to express my self and my topic. I’ve never had a teacher who allowed this, i think they all should! What i like about my report in general is how much detail there is to every page. I used real life pictures of me with my students and i think it made the project that much more enjoyable.
    3.I think i struggled with using information from the internet. I know a lot but i obviously don’t know everything when it comes to my topic, i felt that i should have used more internet based information as well as my own.
    4. I think that i deserve a B+, due to the fact that i only met the requirements and i didn’t go above and beyond like i had hoped to. i did put a lot of time and effort into completing this project, however it could have been a bit more organized.

  20. jchiquito 1 year ago

    I feel that this assignment was very good practice for my writing skills. I feel like i’m getting better at transposing my thoughts onto paper. The strengths of my project were gathering facts and information and writing it. My weaknesses I feel are the work cited and annotation. I feel I deserve a B because I did work hard on reading and gathering data for research.

  21. PJH 1 year ago

    1. Strengths: Lots of pictures and information(facts)
    Weaknesses: n/a
    2. I like that this report gave me the option to choose my own report topic. Which overall gave me the opportunity to do something that I have always wanted to do. (Research my Indian Tribe Heritage).
    3. I struggled only in the beginning with the actual research part. I’ve never done a research project and actually put the time, work, and effort into it myself.
    4. I would assign my Report an A because it is detailed, it meets all the expectations + some, and it is done in a timely manner, I definitely put more into this project than I had expected to..

  22. Jamie Snyder 1 year ago

    the strength of my project is that I had a lot of information to go through and pull out the important information and make it understandable for people who don’t work in the medical field.
    I struggled with time management and remembering which article I red information in . I need to work on organizing my resources better. I liked that we got to pick our own topic so we found something that would be interesting to us. I think I deserve a b on this report because it helps bring awareness to the community with factual medical information and real first hand experience.

  23. kyon clark 1 year ago

    1. Some strengths of my project is i added a lot of visuals in order for whoever reads the power point to understand where exactly I am coming from.
    2. I like my report all around I think it is something that should be addressed and it is a very interesting topic.
    3. Nothing at all was difficult about writing my report, or doing my power point.
    4. I would give myself an A all the way because I follow the assignment well and address all the issues about my individual topic.

  24. Acruz3 1 year ago strengths are i did well on putting as much information as i could’ve. my weaknesses were figuring out citing properly but i fixed it in the end.
    2.what i liked is that a got to learn a lot more information about my topic and find out things i didn’t know
    3. i struggle on which websites to use, on where was best to get my information and if the information was good enough
    4.the grade i feel i deserve is around a B i did put as much information to inform my audience of my topic

  25. Stephanie Vargas 1 year ago

    1. I feel like I used enough visuals, and I explained my topic clearly, but I did need more sources.
    2. I like how my topic really made me think about what is happening in the world around us without us knowing about it.
    3. I struggled the most with choosing my topic. Honestly I am such an indecisive person, so I personally prefer to have my topic given to me. I changed my topic 3 times.
    4.I feel like I deserve a B on my report because I know it’s good, it has interesting details, but I know it could have been a lot better.

  26. Karen B 1 year ago

    i think my strength of this project is the amount of information i already knew about my topic that helped me have an extra advantage to it. one of my weakness of this project is the lack of poor scholarly information there is on this topic. what i like about my report is that i learned a ton of new information about it. like i said i struggle to get accurate information and not just information that was not reliable or boring. i think i’ll be happy with a B because i feel i could of added more information if i would have found more interesting things about this topic. Regardless the grade that i get i know i did my best to make it fun and interesting for those who like tattoos or even consider ever getting one.

  27. holly m tellez 1 year ago

    1. My strengths are in my description and facts. I used reputable sources to support my claims and I have personal experience in this field.
    2. My weakness I have learned from another student is that my papers are often difficult to understand as I am writing to medical peers and not students of other majors. I have to learn to use non medical terms so everyone can understand and enjoy my papers.
    3. I struggle with writers block at times and it takes me a few hours/days to get my point across. I also struggle with the concept of multiple drafts. I’m a huge believer of do it right the first time. Great for the medical field, not so great for an English class.
    4. I believe that I deserve an A for my paper. I worked extremely hard on my paper. I have facts, quotes, odd tidbits to entertain, and I added a personal spin at the end. This was not an easy write but most definitely an enjoyable one.

  28. Natalie 1 year ago

    1. My strength in this project is the way I organized my report. My weakness in this report was trying to figure out how to correctly incorporate my research by citing. I’ve always had a hard time understanding the PerdueOWL website so i looked into the textbook for examples to get an idea of how its done.
    2. I liked that the report helped me understand more about birth control and that it also answered some questions I had about it.
    3. I struggled most citing my resources and finding a way to end my report since I chose to to do a wiki format.
    4. I would assign my report a B+ because I used 10 sources, added more than one image, and went above 1500 words. If I were confident on how I cited my research I would feel like I deserved an A

  29. Belen Acosta 1 year ago

    1. I believe that my topic is something that people would be interested in reading about, and I have plenty of information to talk about within my topic. A weakness of my project may be that I do not have as many visuals as I would like to have. I would like to add a video, or more pictures to keep the audience intrigued.
    2. I like that my report gave my the opportunity to research and be educated on a topic that interested me.
    3. I struggled with writing my work cited, as well as finding reliable sources with good information.
    4. I would give my report an A because the format and flow of my report is easy to follow along, and my information is intriguing as well as easy to understand.

  30. Melody Estay 1 year ago

    1.) The strengths of my projects is my source of information and also the facts and information that I provided. The pictures and video that I provided in my report are very helpful and descriptive towards my topic. My weakness honestly would be my citing, not my works cited page but my citing within my power point, i wasn’t entirely sure how to cite some things so that made it difficult. Also i felt by the time i finally finished my report i didn’t give as much information as i thought i did, i felt like i was doing great with amount of work i had but once i actually put it all into power point form it didn’t seem like enough information.
    2.) What I really liked about the report was getting to learn about a topic that i have always, personally been interested in. I actually have two uncles who are diagnosed schizophrenics because of the use of drugs. Also I have a brother who is positive for psychosis and I was able to learn a lot about both of the illnesses. Throughout this report I learned a great way to find scholarly research thanks to ebsco host, and that is something I can take with me and use for future reports.
    3.) I mostly struggled on citing the finished product within my power point, but I did my best to cite what I knew how to.
    4.) On this report I believe i deserve a B. I worked diligently on this report but once I put it all together i feel i lacked a little bit of information also my citing skills need work, but just because i struggled with that, i still did my best and put a great amount of time into this research power point.

  31. andrew 1 year ago

    1. strengths: providing general information about the topic, i think i broke it up into sections and incorporated other information and maybe be interesting and useful.
    weaknesses: i think i had trouble coming up with the amount information from my topic so there wouldnt be any “blind spots” whee someone reading my report would become confused due to not enough information.
    2. i loved researching about primatology and primates. the information i gained was truly intertaining to read and absorb. i had a lot of fun especially studying famous primatologist Jane Goodall and her inspiring story.
    3. i feel like i struggles with the annotated bib and the work cited and transition in my paragraphs and the flow or outline of my presentation.
    4. i think i should at least get a B because i really did try to meet requirements on time and correctly

  32. Dyoc 1 year ago

    I did find some good informative articles about my subject. However, not sure if i used the quotes from the article correctly.
    Brings awareness about the benefits of hybrid vehicles to the environment
    I struggled to find to right articles to get my point across
    I would give myself a B, I did ok. but struggle with the research aspect of the essay.

  33. Econatzer 1 year ago

    1) The strengths I had is I was able to meet the requirement. I used lots of quotes and cited my work. I believe I have a good title. My weaknesses include getting my ideas down and not making it bias also grammar errors, making my point understandable.
    2) I like that it is like a learning experience. We had to research to get more information and by doing that we were able to learn something that maybe we didn’t really know before.
    3) I always struggle when starting to write an essay or report. Coming up with a good title and hook is a challenge for me and also including sources correctly.
    4) The grade I would assign myself would be a B+ because I was able to meet all requirements also I had little knowledge about my subject but I was learning as I went so I believe I was able to include lots of information and images. I’m not to sure if I did my works cited correctly either but overall I think I did my best to write an informative report about my subject.

  34. Ana Vega 1 year ago

    The strengths in my report of the details and facts I found while doing lots of research, my weakness may be organization. What I liked about the report was the subject of it because it really caught my attention. The part that I struggled in was trying to organize all my information to make it a more clean cut report. If i had to assign a grade to my own essay I’d give it an A because even though I did struggle with some parts i still managed to fix those struggles.

  35. ShGula 1 year ago

    1. The strength of my report essay is the information and organization of my topic.
    My weaknesses are grammar, and sources- I needed a few more.
    2. I like my report because I learned some things that I did not know before and I think it is a topic that everybody know or have to know something about it.
    3. I struggled when it came to decide about a topic to write because I had a lot of topics in my mind, since I chose it, I was struggling when it came to find reliable sources because most of them were websites.
    4. I think I deserve a B because I worked hard, used academic sources, and tried the best to meet the requirements.

  36. Steven Russell 1 year ago

    1) some of the strengths i felt i brought to this essay is interesting facts about Virtual reality that have the potential to gab the reader to possibly make them further research VR. some of the weaknesses i felt i portrayed was giving little background information about some of the topics i chose to reflect upon. i feel as if i could have improved in that specific area.

    2) something that i do like about this report is the topic, after gathering much information about VR you begin to realize the importance and impact that it brings and provides us with.

    3) The area i felt that i had struggled with the most was gathering and separating information. separating the credible from the non credible and choosing what to incorporate within the essay.

    4) I would be satisfied if i received a B grade on this essay. i am satisfied with what i have submitted.

  37. Gabriel De Leon 1 year ago

    I believe that only focusing on the topic of careers and salaries a mechanical engineer can obtain is my strength but also my weakness, because I feel as, if I started talking about the other factors a mechanical engineer has to go through to obtain the degree, such as the education and mindset needed it would seem as if I were going off topic. Although I do like that I allowed people to get a better idea of the type of work a mechanical engineer can do, along with the amount of money one can earn depending on the career one chooses to pursue with the degree. I struggled with trying not to go off topic. I believe I deserve an A because I used the sources I had very well, I also gave some examples and went into depth the most I could on the topic, I also believe I structured it very well.

  38. Mayra 1 year ago

    1) I feel like my strengths in this essay were writing and trying to explain everything in a way thats not overwhelming to the reader. I believe I did a good job in explaining the pros of protesting and listing the one’s that have had an impact on society. Also, in being inclusive and trying not to make it just about one certain place but also many others. I tried to include also a variety of issues and emphasize how if it’s important it should probably be spoke about. I think I did a good job in backing up my thesis without being too biased.
    2) What I liked about the report is that we were allowed to discuss whatever topic we wanted. Also, we had a lot of freedom and room to think for ourselves when writing and choosing our topics.
    3)What I struggled with specifically in writing this report is that I didnt wan’t to downplay any big moments in history. I struggled with this because I feel as if though I couldn’t go too far into details with certain events for the sake of it not being to wordy. Also, i didnt want anyone to read my essay and to think it couldn’t apply to them as well just because I didn’t list a matter that they may relate to. I tend to have trouble with prioritizing what to include because I didn’t want to leave anything out. I need to remind myself that writing about every single possible situation is impossible and probably not realistic for a 1000 word essay.
    4) To be honest, I’d give myself a B. Although I did have trouble with some things I feel like I was pleased with the end result. I believe I wrote everything I wanted to and touched every subject I wanted. Plus adding an interview to try to have the opposition understand where those who do participate in protests are coming from. I also dont believe I went above and beyond for an A.

  39. Brooke Van Noy 1 year ago

    1) The strengths about my project was that I can relate and I have experience Breast Cancer from my mom, I saw what she was going through. I had to take her the chemotherapy, to radiation, I had to help her with moving after her surgery. My weakness was writing this because it really hit home for me, it was emotional researching this and realizing I could get breast cancer as well.
    2) I liked about this report was finding out more information about breast cancer that I did not know about. I did not know of other ways to have treatment, and I did not know the little statistics about women of different races that are more likely to get breast cancer, and women who are more likely to pass from breast cancer.
    3) I struggled with making this power point. I wanted to add as much information as I could about this, and more. I felt like I couldn’t go above and beyond because my power point would be so many slides that it will cause the audience to be bored.
    4) Honestly, I give myself a B. I know I could of gone above and beyond and added more slides, and given more points but I am pleased with what I presented. This report hit home for me and I am really proud of the research I made. I believed I touched every subject and explained the History of Breast Cancer.

  40. Jaclyn Smith 1 year ago

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of your project? Some of my weaknesses of this project was finding liable sources and finding research that I wanted to use. My strengths were when I did find resources that were liable that I wanted to use more information than I was able to do.

    What do you like about the report? I enjoyed that we were able to do what format we wanted to do, for example power point, mla or apa essay, so forth. That was a lot of fun.

    Where did you struggle? I struggled with not putting too much information on each slide and making sure it flowed well with each other.

    What grade would you assign your report? Why? I would give myself a B, with the amount of research I did and was able to use. I went above and beyond to find pictures from the past and find where physical therapy is going in the future. I think I did a well on explaining the history and where it is going.

  41. Javier Hinojos 1 year ago

    1. My strength was in the description of the most common cloud type, the public cloud. This was my strongest area because I actively use multiple cloud services to share files with friends and in a few classes with other students for group projects. My weakest area would be describing a community cloud because I was unaware of its existence before starting my research paper and I do not know of any examples due to a lack of experience using the community cloud.
    2. I do not enjoy writing essays, but I did enjoy the research portion of this report because it required me to learn more about a topic I was already interested in.
    3. I struggled when writing about the community cloud because I did not have any knowledge of that type of cloud server prior to writing the report.
    4. I think I deserve a B. I used my sources often, I described each type of cloud, I made use of images, and I corrected any spelling or grammatical errors I encountered. However, I feel like I could have done a better paper if I only covered public cloud servers.

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