Class 5/9 Presentations and Turn In

Today is our last official day of class. Post your final drafts to the class blog. Make sure to tag it with the appropriate categories, 1A and 3:30 or 5:30 class time. 

Turn in your rough drafts, research worksheets, and outlines if not already posted. These are all worth points. 

We will present the papers in class. Tell us:

  1. Topic
  2. Problem you researched
  3. Solution you argued
  4. Interesting information or point you came across

Congratulations everyone on finishing English 1A. We just have the in-class final to do. Here are the dates and times. 

English 1A at 3:30

Final is on Thursday 5/11/2017 from 2:15- 4:45 pm.

English 1A at 5:30

Final is on Tuesday 5/16/2017 from 5:00 – 7:30 pm.

  1. Steven Russell 1 year ago

    My essay does provide clear purpose and direction with a point, a problem, and a solution to back up the initial argument.
    In the essay the problem being considered was brought up to attention, with supporting examples of hands on experience, with unjust occasions in my own life.
    yes it does, the clear solution for this problem is proper and yearly training to keep these officials official.

  2. holly m tellez 1 year ago

    My essay does have a clear purpose and direction. Although it is a bit morbid I feel it is a great solution. Yes it follows all the criteria and it argues a solution. The pictures will be sent to the email.

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